Central Hindi Directorate Admission to Hindi Correspondence Courses

Name of Institute / University

Central Hindi Directorate

Courses Offered

Applications are invited from Non-Hindi speaking Indians, Foreigners for admission to the following Hindi Correspondence Courses.

1. Certificate Course In Hindi (Preliminary Course/Middle Level)

2. Diploma Course in Hindi (Subsequent to Certificate Course/ Secondary Level)

3. Advance Diploma Course in Hindi (Sr. Secondary Level)


1. Certificate Course in Hindi - Indians whose mother tongue is not Hindi/Foreigners residing in India or abroad, who have attained the minimum age of 15 years as on 1/7/2010. In case of children of Indian National/ Settlers residing abroad the minimum age limit is 10 years irrespective of their mother tongue.

2. Diploma Course in Hindi — Subsequent to the Certificate Course is open to those who fulfill (1) above and have either passed Certificate Course conducted by Central Hindi Directorate or who possess sufficient background of Hindi or who have appeared in Certificate Course Examination in May 2010.

3. Advance Diploma Course in Hindi- It is open to all Indians and foreigners residing in India or abroad whose mother tongue is not Hindi. Minimum age limit for admission as on 1/7/2010 is 17 years.
Medium of Instruction

1. Certificate/Diploma Course in Hindi- English/ Tamil/ Malayalam/ Bangla

2. Advance Diploma Course in Hindi- Only Hindi Medium.

How To Apply

Fee for Certificate/Diploma Course in Hindi

A fee of Rs. 50/- from candidate residing in India and US Dollars $ 50 or Pound £ 30 or equivalent to Indian currency from candidate residing abroad is charged for each course.

Fee for Advance Diploma Course in Hindi

1. Candidate residing in India — Rs. 200/-.
2. Candidate residing abroad — US $ Dollars 200 or Pound £ 120

Where Dollar or Pound is not a currency then equivalent to the currency of the concerned country will be accepted. Fee can be remitted by Crossed Postal Order or Bank Draft in favour of the Director, Central Hindi Directorate payable at New Delhi. Fee sent through Money Order or Cheque are not acceptable.

Application without the prescribed fee will be summarily rejected.

In case an applicant residing abroad finds it difficult to remit fee in hard currency on account of local foreign exchange restrictions, he/she is advised to deposit the fee in equivalent local currency with Indian
Mission/Embassy in the country where he/she is residing and send us the receipt in Original. The receipt must bear the name of the candidate and the amount equivalent to Indian currency.

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