Council of Architecture (COA) - Introduction

The Government of India constituted the Council of Architecture (COA) on 1st September, 1972, under the provisions of Architects Act, 1972. The act also lays down guidelines for standard of education, recognized qualification, registration of architects, and standard of practice to be complied by the practicing architects.

The Council of Architecture (COA) is responsible for regulating the education and practice of profession throughout India besides maintaining the register of Architects. Any person willing to pursue 'Architecture' as a profession will have to register with the Council of Architecture (COA). And for this, one must possess e requisite qualification as appended to the Architects Act, after having undergone the education in accordance with the Council of Architecture (Minimum Standards of Architectural Education) Regulations, 1983.

The profession of an architect is governed by the Architects (Professional Conduct) Regulations, 1989 (as amended in 2003). The regulation deals with the professional ethics and etiquette, conditions of engagement and scale of charges, architectural competition guidelines etc. an architect is expected to follow the rule of conduct in letter and spirit and any deviation from the same can invite disciplinary action as stipulated under section 30 of the Architects Act, 1972.

The registration with COA entitles an eligible candidate to use the title and style of Architect. The title and style of architect can also be used by a firm of architects, if the partners of the firm are registered with COA. Where as the Limited Companies, Private/Public Companies, societies etc are barred from using the title and style of architect nor are they entitled to practice the profession of architecture.

If any person falsely claims to be registered or misuses title and style of architect, such acts tantamount to committing of a criminal offence, which is punishable under section 36 or 37 (2) of the Architects Act, 1972.

Presently 108 institution are imparting training in architecture across the country. The standard of education in the institute is monitored by the Council of Architecture (Minimum Standards of Architectural Education) Regulations, 1983. The body also decides up on, the requirement of eligibility for admission, course duration, standards of staff & accommodation, course content, examination etc.

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