The fee structure for courses and hostel fees are given below:

Fee Structure

Sl. No. Fee Head Amount in Rs Remarks Payable
1 Admission 250 One Time on admission
2 Tuition 25000 Per Year annually
3 Library 100 Per Year annually
4 Internet 100 Per Year annually
5 Library Deposit 5000 One Time Refundable on admission
6 Security Deposit 15000 One Time Refundable on admission
  • Fee Payable on Admission : Rs.45450/- (Rupees Forty Five thousand Four hundred and fifty only)
  • Fee Payable at beginning of 2nd Year & 3RD Year : Rs.25200/- (Rupees Twenty Five thousand two hundred only)

Hostel Fee

There is provision for hostel accommodation on sharing basis. Allotment will be decided by the institute.

Hostel Charges (In Rs.) Will Be Payble As Follows :

1 Hostel Admission Fee 100.00/- one time payment on admission
2 Security Deposit 3000.00/- one time payment, refundable
3 Hostel Rent 6000.00/- one time annual payment at the beginning of the year
4 Electricity & water 1200.00/- one time annual payment at the beginning of the year

Note :
Hostel charges are exclusive of the cost of food etc.
Hostel Rent is not refundable even if a student leaves hostel at any time of the year.
Boarders will not be allowed to stay in the hostel during vacations.
Boarders are not allowed to keep guests in their rooms in the hostel.
Violation of hostel rules and decorum will invite disciplinary action as per extant rules

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