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Career Options After Class 12

Updated on: Jan 18, 2015
Career Options

Deciding on the right career after class 12 can be quite tough for students and their parents. You end up confused with many doubts in your mind:

  • Should you continue with Science and opt for a B.Sc. degree?
  • Should you switch to Commerce?
  • Should you opt for a three-year regular course?
  • Should you go for a correspondence degree?
  • Should you go for professional careers such as CA, CS or Journalism?

If you have scored less than expected in class 12 boards, there is no need to panic or become anxious. There are many courses after 12th still open to you, ones you probably haven't even thought of exploring.

Due to peer/parental pressure, students frequently end up making hasty decisions for about their careers, and get into a field of study they're not cut out for.

Another frequent mistake is looking for career guidance after 12th exams are over. This is something you ought to seek out as early as class 10. After all, having to choose between science and commerce is an important factor in streamlining your career after 10th class. Your courses after 10th class may be more generalised, but they are essential in giving you a solid grounding for career courses after 12th.

A little extra time spent doing your research can prevent you from making serious career mistakes.

We have compiled several resources and articles on the different career choices you have ahead of you. We have provided detailed comparisons between degrees and various careers options after Class 12 based on percentage of marks. We offer career guidance and career counselling after 10th and 12th from the expert counsellor, Pervin Malhotra.

Marks-wise Options for Students After Class 12

Comparing Degrees After Class 12

Careers after 12th are not limited to the above; there are competitive exams for positions in the Indian military for posts such as Navy officers, Naviks, Sailors, Personal Assistants and Soldiers.

Professional Careers

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    • Gulshan Kumar 10/5/2016, 5:15 AM

      A comprehensive write up for teenagers in their tenth and twelfth standards. You spoke about career counselling after the tenth standard, which made me look for some on the internet. I found on by the name of Lodestar. A visit to their website made me feel good about them. I am posting the link, if anyone wishes to give it a try. Thank you. www.lodestar.guru
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    • Priya Goenka 11/4/2015, 12:18 AM

      Of course there are lots of options after 10th and12th. But all are time taking and require lot of money. I think choosing any short term course would be a right decision. Course like website design, hardware course, mobile repairing course and laptop repairing course etc. http://www.hn1.in
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    • Sunil Sharma 21/3/2015, 1:21 AM

      can we have F2F meeting along with my daughter
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    • Milind Chimurkar 26/8/2014, 4:49 AM

      A lot of organizations have loss prevention program where Fire, Safety and security departments play a key role. Thus diploma and advance diploma courses in fire, safety and industrial engineering and management will expose kids to these untapped career opportunities.
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