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Careers in Medical Field

Updated on: Jul 16, 2015

Medical Careers in India

Medicine is a vast field, and especially so in India. Medical careers are available across a multitude of educational and skill levels, but also in diverse fields such as homeopathy or allopathy.

Medicine falls into two categories:
i) traditional, also known as alternative, homoeopathic, or holistic;
ii) modern, also known as Western, or allopathic.

Sometimes there is overlap between the two, and given that there has been resurgence in popularity of traditional medicine over the last few years, more overlap is likely to come as there is an increasing push to incorporate and combine the two fields. At present, though, when choosing a career in medicine to work toward, you should still choose to focus on either one or the other, so as to know which educational track to follow. Below is a list of healthcare career options in India, along with a brief description of each and its minimum required educational training/background.

Here's a list of the various healthcare/ medical career options in India:

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    • Hexawind Hexawind 18/11/2014, 7:46 AM

      Medical coding and Medical billing is another emerging area with tons of oppurtunities.In general, medical coding is for any graduates or post graduates from life sciences or pharmacy background. Ex: B.Sc or M.Sc with biology, micro biology or biochemistry etc..) or DPharmacy or BPharmacy.Medical billing is for any graduate, but preferably for B.A, B.Com or M.A, M.Com. However, the medical billing is all about accounting and simple mathematics, hence any one can do it.In general, Medical coding takes about 6 weeks for training and Medical billing 4 weeks. But please look for the professional institutes for medical billing training or medical coding training with hands on software facility is available. It will be great advantage if there is some hands on exposure to either medical coding software or medical billing software as appropriate.
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