CBSE Guidelines For Dyslexic Students

CBSE physically handicapped faqs

CBSE Guidelines and FAQs

Some of the commonly asked questions by students with disabilities of the CBSE are listed below:

. For which all disabilities does the CBSE grant concessions?

The CBSE grants concession to Blind, Physically Handicapped, Dyslexics, Autistic and Spastic Candidates.

Q. Who can issue a valid medical certificate?

A medical officer not below the rank of an Assistant Surgeon of a Government Hospital can issue a valid medical certificate.

Q. What are the concessions given by the Board for the examinations?

The following concessions are provided by the Board for the examinations:

  • Exemption from studying third language up to middle school level (i.e. Class VIII);
  • Permission to use an amanuensis (s/he must be a student of a class lower than the candidate);
  • The Blind, Physically Handicapped or Spastic Candidates are being provided services of an amanuensis free of cost;
  • The amanuensis shall be paid remuneration as prescribed from time to time by the Board, which, at present is Rs.100/- per day;
  • The candidate is permitted to use the services of an amanuensis in all or any of the papers.  Services of same amanuensis is taken for all the papers.
  • The candidates are being permitted to draw the diagrams etc. themselves, if desired by them.
  • Additional time as under is given in each paper:
  • For paper of 3 hours duration     60 minutes
  • For paper of 2 hours duration     50 minutes
  • For paper of 2 hours duration     40 minutes
  • For paper of 1 hours duration     30 minutes
  • Alternative type questions are provided in lieu of questions having visual inputs for the blind candidates in English Communicative and Social Science for Class X and History, Geography and Economics for Class XII;
  • Separate question papers in enlarged print for Mathematics and Science & Technology in Class X are provided for candidates with partial impairment;
  • Blind candidates from Delhi have the facility to use computer or a typewriter for writing answers;

Q. How can one request for obtaining concessions?

The request, along with the medical documents and concessions required has to be sent through the Head of the Institution in which the student is studying, duly recommended by the Head of the institution.

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