How To Study Chemistry Class 12 CBSE - Preparation Tips

CBSE Class 12 Science Chemistry

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the field of science concerned with the structure, properties and composition of particle/matter, as well as the changes that a particle/matter undergoes during chemical reactions.

Some important topics taught in Chemistry in class 12 are:

  • P-block elements
  • D and F block elements
  • Electrochemistry
  • Solid States
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Surface Chemistry

Marks wise important topics

  • P-block elements – 8 marks
  • Aldehydes, Ketons and Carboxylic Acids – 6 marks
  • Solutions, Electrochemistry and Chemical Kinetics each for 5 marks
  • D and F block elements for 5 marks, while the chapter Haloalkanes and Haloarenes is worth 4 marks.

Tips for Preparation

  • If you feel you are not good at Chemistry, start early. Start reading your NCERT book as soon as possible.
  • Do not try to rush and finish the chapters. You should understand that reading a book that deals with scientific concepts, theory and reactions is different from a novel or a comic.
  • Follow up your NCERT concepts with a reference book to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.
  • Start attending classes and laboratory lectures. Perform each and every laboratory experiment. For example, you might not remember Le Chatelier’s principle of equilibrium for reversible reactions, but if you perform the experiment, and see things happen, chances are, you will remember it for a longer duration.
  • Try and grasp the concepts and always ask questions. Make a list of unanswered questions and ask discuss them with a teacher or a peer.
  • Do not ignore numerical problems. Most of the times, the problems are direct application of the formulae in use, and, at times are mixed with your understanding of a topic. The numerical problems, if mastered are a good way to score marks.
  • After you finish your syllabus, revise as many times as possible.
  • When you finish, do take the sample papers provided by CBSE in a timed environment.
  • Also, have a look at the answers and the marking scheme provided, as no other source can give you a better judgment than the one provided by CBSE.

Tips for scoring good marks

  • During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible.  It enhances visibility
  • Scan the paper before answering
  • For long answer type questions, before starting, frame a skeleton of the answer in the margin.
  • Do remember the S.I units of all entities.
  • Be crisp and to the point in very short questions

Recommended NCERT Books

  • NCERT books for Chemistry are a must buy. Chemistry part 1 for Rs 125 and Chemistry part 2 for Rs 85 cover everything in the syllabus. They are the “official” books for the subject.
  • Trueman’s Steps in Chemistry for Class XII Vol I & II priced at Rs 550, it is a great backup for your NCERT book.
  • Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry for Class 12, priced at Rs 742, is a hot favourite because of its simplicity in language and the number of problems it supplements it with.
  • CBSE Sample papers: You can download the papers from the official website. The sample papers provided by the CBSE are as close to the real exam as it gets.

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