Business Admin/Leadership: Courses & Colleges

Business admin/leadership skills apply in wide-ranging settings such as industry, government and nonprofit organizations. Professionals in business administration may manage staff or resources, including finances and technological infrastructure. Business leaders may be corporate managers, office administrators or independent entrepreneurs.

Studies in business administration and leadership cover subjects like accounting, business law, economics, finance, human resources, management psychology, marketing and organizational behavior. You may choose a particular field, such as e-commerce, health care services, international trade or management information systems. If you hope to start your own business, you may look at courses like budgeting, forecasting and market research.

Business administration and leadership positions appear in many industries and organizations; for example, administrative services managers often work in government and academia, while management analysts tend to serve as consultants. Possible careers include community manager, corporate recruiter, product manager, sales manager and human resources specialist. Business leaders may also take charge of their own companies, building the marketing plan, branding strategy and customer base for a start up enterprise.

Colleges in India for Business Administration/Leadership

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