Finance Management: Courses & Colleges

The field of finance covers investments and financial planning activities for governments, corporations and individuals. Financial specialists may examine banking transactions, develop budgets or advise clients on how to manage their money. Finance involves business strategies, including risk analysis and forecasting the expected returns on investments.

Studies in finance often include accounting, economics, business administration and management as well as financial analysis methods and software. Related subjects include statistics and tax law. Those interested in budget analysis for public organizations may explore additional classes like government or political science.

The principles of financial planning and analysis apply in several different careers, for example, auditor, budget analyst and management consultant. Personal financial advisors give advice to independent investors on asset allocation, taxes and insurance. Sales agents in financial services work in the securities and commodities markets, making stock trades for clients. Financial managers oversee investments for organizations and report on company goals and progress. A background in finance could also provide skills useful in other occupations in business and commerce.

Colleges in India for Finance Management

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