International Business: Courses & Colleges

International business includes all the fundamentals of commerce and economics with the addition of a global perspective. Professionals in this field may work in multinational corporations or in businesses operating in only a few countries. When small companies decide to begin exporting, they may consult with specialists to manage the complex legal, financial and even socio-political aspects of international business.

International business programs expand the traditional business curriculum, with subjects like cross-cultural communication, import-export trade regulations, foreign languages and possibly studies abroad. Business basics may include accounting, business law, economics, finance, human resources, organizational behavior, marketing and sales. Depending on your focus, you may also study customer service and customer relationship management, online advertising and digital promotions, e-commerce, market research, operations management, statistics, or logistics and supply chain management.

International business careers include positions found in other types of companies, from sales representatives to administrative assistants to information technology managers. Professionals involved with global trade often have skills in foreign languages or multicultural experience, in addition to a business background.

Colleges in India for International Business

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