Marketing & Advertising: Courses & Colleges

Marketers and advertisers specialize in promoting a company's products and services to the public. These professionals use different media and messages to reach the right audience and the right time. Channels of communication include the Internet, social media, radio, television, shop windows, roadside billboards and more. Marketing and advertising campaigns blend creativity with business needs.

Marketing and advertising studies may cover market research, sales, pricing, product development and public relations. Classes could explore case study analysis as well as business strategy and tactics. Related subjects include communications, copywriting and content development.

Careers in marketing and advertising include account coordinators, sales agents, brand managers, market researchers and promotions managers, among many others. They work in a variety of environments such as ad agencies and the marketing departments of corporations.

Colleges in India for Marketing & Advertising

361 Degree Minds is a research and technology-oriented learning and education company, Head quartered in Chennai.

Our competence is a deep and insightful understanding of adult and remote learning principles. We understand what makes adults learn, what can make them learn better. We have deep insights into the aspirations of the youth in our target ecosystem and we employ proven and tested scientific principles into adult and remote learning to help them learn better in order to meet each of these disparate aspirations.

We also have nearly 15 years of experience in working with large and small corporate and business organizations and have built scientific interventions to help their workforce perform better and become individually effective and outcome oriented.

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