Retail Management: Courses & Colleges

Retail managers supervise store staff and oversee many activities, including in-store visual displays, merchandising, pricing, competitive analysis, budgeting, purchasing and accounting. Products in the marketplace range from furniture to appliances to clothing and jewelry. Managers work with buyers and advertisers and may even be involved in selecting new store sites and designing and planning sales outlets.

Retail management studies span a variety of business subjects, with fundamentals like accounting and finance. You may also find courses in leadership, management, marketing, human resources, organizational communications, risk management, customer service and strategic planning. Related coursework includes supply chain logistics and the economics of supply and demand.

Retail managers may focus on an aspect of store management, such as budgeting, accounting and financial reporting. Some managers concentrate on human resources, exploring techniques for hiring, training and keeping employees. For smaller shops, managers may be involved in all aspects of the business, including supply chain operations such as purchasing, deliveries and returns.

Colleges in India for Retail Management

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