Project Management: Courses & Colleges

Project management helps work goes smoothly in fields such as business, construction, engineering, health services, information systems and technical communication. For example, a project manager in software development oversees the life cycle of a new application, from design to coding to distribution. Project managers monitor deadlines, budgets, team progress and the use of materials, keeping track of the details as well as the big picture.

Studies in project management include interpersonal communication, leadership and team-building skills needed for supervising workers and keeping them on schedule. Business fundamentals could include accounting, budgeting, cost estimation and finance. You may also gain experience with specialized software applications for planning and scheduling. Additional coursework depends on your focus; for example, project managers in the technology industry often have a background in information systems or computer science.

Career options related to project management include quality assurance specialist, construction manager, cost estimator, IT manager and operations research analyst. Some professionals develop specialized knowledge in addition to project managing, for example, health services managers. Managers in engineering and construction use their expertise in those areas to plan and supervise projects from start to finish.

Colleges in India for Project Management

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