TestDaF Exam Dates 2013

You can enroll for the TestDaF on six fixed dates per year throughout the year.

Generally, the exams take place in the month of February, April, June, July, September and November.

The registration starts about eight weeks before the examination date and lasts four weeks.

For the current year, the examinations are scheduled to be on 12 September, 2013 and 13 November, 2013.

TestDaF results are declared after six to eight weeks of taking the exam. The exam can be retaken as often as needed. The exam certificate is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Calendar 2013

TestDaF 2013 at Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

Exam Date (9.30 am–3.30 pm)


18 April, Thursday

14 February – 21 March, 2013

11 June, Tuesday

16 April – 14 May, 2013

12 September, Thursday

17 July – 14 August, 2013

13 November, Wednesday

18 September – 16 October, 2013

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