Words with Alphabet 'C' - Verbal Ability Tips

Following is a list of important words for Verbal Ability Section for important MBA entrance exams like GMAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, FMS, CET, BITSAT. This list of words will help you in cracking the Verbal Ability section in the MBA exams. This list of words begins with the alphabet 'C'.


Word  Meaning
Cabal plot, a secret group seeking to overturn something 
Cache hiding place
cadaver corpse, dead body
Cadaverous haggard
cajole encourage, coax, flatter
Callow inexperienced
calumny Slander, false and malicious accusation
Cameo when someone famous appears for a short time in a film or play
canard hoax, a lie
candor (british candour) = frankness, honesty of expression
Canine pertaining to dogs
Canker any ulcerous sore, any evil
Canny clever and able to think quickly, especially about money or business
Canto part of an extended poem
canvass survey, examine thoroughly
Caparison showy harnesser, ornamentation for a horse
Caprice A whim
capricious fickle, impulsive, whimsical, without much thought
Captious fond of finding fault in others
Carafe bottle
Cardinal chief
careen swerve, to lean on one side
Caricature cartoon, exaggerated portrait
Carillon a set of bells capable of being played
Carmine rich red
Carnal of the flesh, sensual
Carnivorous meat-eating
Carousal to drink deeply and in boisterous or jovial manner
Carp to find faults, complain constantly
Carrion decaying flesh
Carte blanche complete freedom to do what you want
Caryatid sculptured column of a female figure
Cascade  Small Waterfall
Caste one of the hereditary classes in Hindu society
castigate criticize, punish, chastise
Casuistry clever argument to trick people
cataclysm catastrophe, disaster
Catalyst something that causes change without being changed
Catapult slingshot
Catechism book for religious instruction
Cathartic purgative, purifying, cleansing
Catholic universal, worldly
Caucus a small group within an organization or a meeting of such agroup
Cauterize (British = cauterize) to sear
Cavalcade a procession or sequence
Cavil quibble, raise trivial objections
Cede transfer ownership, to surrender possession of something
Celerity quick moving or acting
Censor to prohibit publication by law
Censorious condemning speech, severely critical
Centaur mythical figure, half man and half horse
Centripetal tending toward the center
Cerebration thought
Cession Surrender, as of possessions or rights
Chafe abrade
Chaff worthless products of an endeavor
Chagrin shame, embarrassment, humiliation
Chalice goblet, cup
Champ to chew noisily
Chaotic in utter disorder
Chary cautious, watchful, extremely shy
Chasm a long, deep, narrow hole in rock or ice
Chaste pure, virgin
Chasten castigate
Chastise to criticize or punish someone
Chattel piece of personal property
Chauvinist a man who thinks men are better than women
Cherubic sweet, innocent
Chicanery trickery, fraud, deception
Chide scold, express disapproval
Chimerical imaginary, impossible
Chiropodist one who treats disorders of the feet
Chivalrous courteous to ladies
Choleric easily angered, short-tempered
Churlish rude, ungracious
Ciliated having minute hairs, one-celled animal
Cipher zero
Circlet small ring, band
Circumlocution roundabout expression
Circumscribe to confine within bounds
Circumspect cautious, wary
Circumvent evade, avoid, to go around
Citadel fortress or stronghold
Clairvoyant who can see the future, having ESP
Clamor (British = clamor) noisy outcry
Clangor (British = clangor) loud, resounding noise
Clarion shrill, trumpet like sound
Clavicle collarbone
Cleave to split or separate, to stick, adhere
Cleft split
Clemency forgiveness, merciful leniency
Climactic relating to the highest point
Clime region, climate
Clique a small group
Cloister refuge, to confine, seclude
Cloven split
Coadjutor assistant, colleague
Coalesce combine, to grow together
Cockade decoration worn on hat
Coddle to pamper, baby, treat indulgently
Codicil supplement to a will
Coeval living at the same time as contemporary
Cog a spoke in a wheel, a small and unimportant person
Cogent well-put, convincing, logically forceful
Cogitate ponder
Cognate from the same source, related
Cognizant aware
Cognomen family name, any name, nickname
Cohere to stick together
Cohesion consistency
Cohort an associate
Colander utensil with perforated bottom used for straining
Collage a picture made by sticking small pieces of paper or other materials

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