Words with Alphabet 'P' - Verbal Ability Tips

Following is a list of important words for Verbal Ability Section for important MBA entrance exams like GMAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, FMS, CET, BITSAT. This list of words will help you in cracking the Verbal Ability section in the MBA exams. This list of words begins with the alphabet 'P'.


Words Meanings
Pacifist one who opposes all violence
Paean a song of praise
Palaver babble, nonsense
Paleontologist (British = paleontologist) one who studies fossils
Palette board for mixing paints
Pall to become dull or weary
Palliate to make less serious, ease
Pallid pale, sallow, lacking color or liveliness
Palpable touchable, obvious, real
Palpitate beat, throb
Paltry scarce, pitifully small or worthless
Panache flamboyance, flair
Pandemic spread over a whole area or country
Pandemonium din, commotion
Pander cater to people's baser instincts
Panegyric praise
full suit of armor
Pantomime mime
Papyrus paper
Paradox seemingly in contradiction
Paragon model of excellence or perfection
Paramour lover
Parapet rampart, defense
Parasite one who lives at another's expense
Pariah outcast
Parley conference, discussion
Paroxysm outburst, convulsion
Parry avert, ward off, reflect
Parsimonious stingy
Partisan supporter
Parvenu newcomer, social climber
Passé outmoded
Pastiche imitation of another's style
Pastoral rustic
Patent the right to make or sell a new invention
Pathos emotion, feeling of sadness
Patrician aristocrat
Patricide murder of one's own father
Patrimony inheritance or heritage derived from one's father
Peccadillo a minor fault
Peculate embezzle, steal
Peculation theft of money or goods
Pedagogue dull, formal teacher
Pedant a person who is too interested in formal rules and small unimportant details
Pedantic bookish
Pediatrician (British = pediatrician) a child doctor
Pediment triangular gable on a roof or façade
Pejorative insulting, having bad connotations
Pell-mell in a confused manner
Pellucid transparent, easily understood
Penance voluntary suffering to repent for a wrong
Penchant inclination
Penitent repentant
Pensive sad
Penumbra partial shadow in an eclipse
Penurious stingy
Perdition damnation, complete ruin
Peregrination wandering
Peremptory dictatorial
Perennial enduring, lasting
Perfidious treacherous (of a person)
Perforce by necessity
Perfunctory careless, done in a routine way
Perigee point when moon is nearest to the earth
Peripatetic moving from place to place
Perjury lying
Permeable penetrable
Pernicious destructive
Peroration conclusion of an oration
Pert flippant, bold
Pertinacious persevering
Pertinent Relevant, applicable
Perusal reading carefully
Petrify calcify, shock
Petty trivial
Petulant irritable, peevish
Philistine barbarian, narrow-minded person
Philology study of words
Phlegmatic sluggish, someone who is calm
Picaresque roguish, adventurous
Pied mottled, brindled
Pillory punish by ridicule
Piquant tart-tasting, spicy
Pique sting, arouse interest
Pithy concise, to the point
Pittance alms, trifle
Placid Serene, calm
Plaintiff injured person in a lawsuit
Plangent plaintive, resounding sadly
Platitude trite remark, stale
Platonic nonsexual
Plebeian common, vulgar
Plebiscite referendum
Plenitude Abundance
Plethora overabundance
Plumb measure
Poignant pungent, sharp, emotionally moving
Polemic a controversy
Politic expedient, prudent, well devised
Polity methods of government
Poltroon coward
Polyglot Speaking several tongues
Portend omen
Portend signify, augur