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Mass Communication

Updated on: Oct 16, 2014

This section deals with mass communication education in India, its scope and career prospects and list of various institutes offering mass communication courses.  The term Mass Communication, which was coined in 1920, is referred to the process of delivering and transferring of messages and news to a large group of people using different forms of media like newspapers, radio, internet and television.

Mass Communication Courses

Mass Communication is taught in various colleges and universities in India. It is also known by various names like communication studies, media studies, communication science, and communication arts and media science. While colleges and universities offer a 3 –year Bachelor’s and 2-year Master’s degree in Mass Communication, many institutes offer diploma and certificate programs in specialized fields like journalism, event management, advertising and marketing, and public relations. These diploma and certificate courses can vary from 3-6 months or even a year. Mass Communication has become such a popular stream of education in India today that distance education courses in mass communication have also picked up in a big way. IGNOU is one of the leading distance education universities to offer mass communication courses.


Mass Communication Careers

The study of mass communication encompasses the academic study of various means of communication. Specialized courses in mass communication offer students an in-depth knowledge and functioning of various media like television, radio and the internet. Successful completion of mass communication  courses open a plethora of opportunities for students in various fields of advertising, journalism, public relations, event management, broadcast journalism, internet and radio.

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Mass Communication Institutes

Mass Communication has become an important stream of study. Many institutes offering specialized courses in Mass Communication have come up. Some of the top Mass Communication Institutes in India are IIMC Delhi, MICA Ahmedabad, Symbiosis Pune, and Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai. Click here for the list of top institutes in India.

 Mass Communication Institutes in India
Delhi Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu Kashmir Punjab
Rajasthan Uttaranchal Chandigarh Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
Tamilnadu Chennai Karnataka Bangalore Kerala
Pondicherry Bihar Orissa Kolkata West Bengal
Ahmedabad Gujarat Mumbai Maharashtra Pune
Assam Tripura Meghalaya Chhattisgarh Jharkhand
Arunachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh    
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