Business Associate Program

National Network of Education “NNE” is India’s largest network of 47 educational portals under the main flagship portal www.IndiaEducation.Net. The list of all portals can be seen at  a popular results portal that publishes various boards/universities results from all over India -is also a part of the NNE.

These portals are serving the educational spectrum since last 10 years and they made their own identity not only in India but across the globe. We at NNE are striving hard to make NNE – a true synonym of the educational information system of India.

NNE is now going to expand its horizon by offering various new services for the educational institutes and other services providers across the country. These services shall offer unique and unmatched value prepositions for the institutes/service providers who join NNE’s platform.

Joining hands with NNE will go and get many unmatched benefits to the institute/service providers. Some of these can be termed as follows:-

1.    Listing on India’s largest educational database.
2.    Easy reach and visibility to the students.
3.    Better visibility in search engines.
4.    Access to very large user base.
5.    Access to several free services.

We intend to reach out to every nook and corner of the country and to each and every educational institute and/or other service provider. Be it a small school, a coaching centre or a large university – NNE’s services can be utilized by everyone to suit their needs.

NNE covers the North East India also through its following portals:-
To be able to reach out to the potential users – NNE is now going to have a network of Business Associates all over country. Joining as a Business Associate will be a great self employment and earning opportunity for any individual or organisation that qualifies and becomes NNE’s associate.

The Business Associates shall promote various services of NNE on these portals and they will be able to earn handsome income against these.

Role of a Business Associate:-
1. To promote and sell various paid membership, website and listing services among the educational institutes and other related service providers. Details can be seen at

2. To promote and sell various advertising services like banners, classifieds and Pay Per Click ads etc. available on NNE’s portals. More details can be seen at and

3. To promote and secure sponsorships for www.ExamResults.Net. 

4. To create a network of Business Associates.

5. To promote various online course offerings among students.

Earnings :-
The Business Associates can earn handsome income on recurring basis by working on full time /part time basis with ease. A Business Associate will be able to earn a five figure income by enrolling only 20 institutes/service providers in a month.  There is no upper limit to the income which one can generate.  

1. All services sold by the Business Associates will entitle them to a 15(fifteen)% commission of the Nett Billing amount i.e. exclusive of all taxes and duties etc.
2. The Business Associate shall be entitled to further slab based incentives as will be available from time to time.
3. All commission will also be available on all renewal of services by the clients.
4. Recruitment of every additional Business Associates will earn you a commission of Rs.2500/-

Eligibility :-
1. Minimum 10+2 passed with reasonable knowledge of internet. Persons having knowledge of web designing etc. can also join.
2. Access to internet connection. Preferably with own PC and broadband connection. However, in case of non availability of own PC and Net access one can use the services of a cyber café or other facility also.
3. Advertising agents/agencies and other marketing agencies will also qualify to become Business Associates.
4. Cyber cafes can also become Business Associates.

Fees :-
Any one who qualifies to become a Business Associate shall have to pay a one time joining fee of Rs.5000/-(Five thousand) only. This will be a non-refundable fee.

The Business Associates shall be provided following support and facilities for promoting their business:-

1. Free 500 (Five hundred) printed visiting cards. Additional cards will be provided on nominal charges.
2. Free publicity material.
3. A small Flex Banner for displaying at a suitable location.
4. Listing on the official local website of the state/city as authorized Business Associate.
5. Advertising through other mediums.

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