Nursery Education

The destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms

This is how the Education Commission described the role of education in social and economic transformation of India. The present educational system of India is an implantation of British rulers. The foundation stone of Indian education system was laid down by Wood's Dispatch in 1854.

Nursery Education is a part of primary education. The phase of primary education comprises eight years of schooling. “Primary Education” can be defined as the first stage of compulsory education which is considered as the beginning of an ongoing process of education in a child’s life. During this phase, a child develops his mental and physical edifice which plays an important role in his future.

Children are the future of a nation and it is a duty of the society and the Government to guide children to move in the right direction. The Indian Constitution has made primary education compulsory and free for all children of 6-14 years of age group.
The provision to provide free and compulsory primary education has been made available by the 86th Constitutional Amendment Act 2002. Primary education is considered the foundation stone for overall development of the nation.

Education plays vital role in the overall development of a nation. Primary education is considered the first step towards the development of a nation. No country has been able to develop without educating their people. India itself has seen a rise in this regard. It has witnessed a quantum jump in enrollment of children in schools since the time of independence. The number of children attending school has gone up from around 19.2 million in 1950-51 to 113.8 million in 2000-01.

Primary education is the early stage of child's life. During this period, the parents take decisions on behalf of a child, so, it is obvious that these decisions can make or break a child’s future. Keeping this in mind, NNE has come up with this section, to help parents take the right decision for their children. The following section will guide parents choose the right play school, the right nursery school, will also prepare parents for the admission procedure and much more.

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