Nursery Admission Help For Parents

The procedure to get three-year-olds admitted in a good pre-primary school is a task arduous enough to give parents nightmares. For this reason, NNE has prepared a 4 step guide to help parents with the admission process.

Step One: Make a list

Make three lists of schools that you wish to apply to. The first list being that of the best schools that you wish to apply to, the second being that of good schools that you wish to apply to, and the third being that of safe options, which will include the schools that you are sure your ward will get into. While making this list, keep in mind factors such as proximity from home, the kind of environment the schools provides, the extra curricular activities that the school offers, the qualification of teachers, the type of students who study there and the board (CBSE, CISCE, State Board ) that the school follows.

Step Two: Keep yourself updated

 Keep checking the local newspapers and the websites of different schools for any update on the admission notice, fill the form and pay the registration fees as soon as possible. Do not wait till the last date. Most forms are available online as well as from the school.

Step Three: Prepare your kid for the interview

Prepare your kid for the interview. Ask the pre-nursery teacher to help you out with teaching your kid the alphabet, numbers, common shapes and colours. Do ensure that you do not stress him/her out. Kids learn quickly when shown colourful images rather than black and white text, because an image can express things better than a thousand words. Make learning an enjoyable process. Remember, s/he is only 3-4 years old.

Step Four: Prepare yourself for the interview

Some of the areas around which the interaction with parents revolves are their educational background, their work, their current position, their parents’ educational background, how the father spends time with the child, in case both, mother and father are working, how they spend time with their child, likes and dislikes of the child and what s/he likes to watch on TV.

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