Hi! I am a pass bio grad from calcutta university (1999). Though I had honours in botany, I couldnt clear it in my final year and I didnt reappear for the exam earlier and thus remained a pass graduate. I am now working in a decent position in a BPO. Now, my question is that how can I upgrade myself to a 10+2+3 pattern grad, is there any bridge course available through distance learning from any of the universities now. My subjects in grads were botany, zoology, and hindi. If at all any bridge course is there, do I have to do it in the above subjects only? If not, is there any other way that I can do an MBA as I have heard many good institutes offer MBAs and executive MBAs for pass grads also, but I doubt whether it will have equal weightage in job field. Lastly, is there any way that I can complete my honours now through any other university, I mean the final year, provided that CU gives my transfer certificate or permission to do so. Is it possible? Though I do not want to go for it now as I do not have time for a regular course now. Or, do I have to do a grads all over again and then do post grads but that way it will take 5 long years, which I do not want to spend at this time. I am in big dilemmma. Please please advise.