Coupled with scarcity of electricity supply as well as the ever increasing cost of energy, there is a rising demand of experts in this field. Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management course at DLP India is highly successful in training accredited energy managers and auditors with the technical know how required in this field. <br/> Objective<br/><br/> 1. To recognize the importance of energy management, target setting, planning, monitoring, reporting and implementing optimal control strategies.<br/><br/>2. To open opportunities in utility management for various industrial sectors such as fertilizers, refinery, paper and pulp, cement, rubber, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, gas and oil companies and various energy intensive industries utilizing fuel and electricity.<br/>Duration<br/>One Year - Two Semesters <br/>These online education courses are fully recognized by Distance Education Council, Govt of India.<br/>FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT<br/>Delhi :<br/>mobile: 9810202332/9810772332<br/>phone : +91-011-46241188/ 89 / 90<br/><br/>Pune :<br/>09527632033<br/>email:<br/><br/>