We are Canadian Citizens living in Mumbai since last 5 years (studied 8,9,10 in ICSE) and FYJC in HSC board. Now child is going in SYJC, and hoping to get childand#146;s admission in Medical or Engineering field.
<br/>What are the ways to do so?
<br/>Information that we got so far is...
<br/>1. Only Domicile can get admission in Medical / Engineering. Others get into 15% quota. (Child was born in Mumbai and Mother was also born in Mumbai and studied till B.Sc. in Mumbai.)
<br/>2. OCI not eligible in general quota hence apply in NRI quota (15% in some colleges only) with US$ fees. In our case, we are earning in Indian Rs. hence no US$ income and also not much income either.
<br/>Please help.