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Published on Sunday, July 07, 2013
List of colleges in India that offer courses in game design and game art.
Published on Sunday, July 07, 2013
It is almost difficult to get by these days without a basic knowledge in computers and information technology (IT). The IT sector is, without doubt, one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Several public sector and private sector organizations have realised this ... More >>>
Published on Sunday, July 07, 2013
Computers and Information Technology (IT) are two careers that are studied by many students in India. Courses in these subjects open up a plethora of opportunities for students. We have compiled a list of careers that one can take up after pursuing courses in Computer Science and... More >>>
Published on Saturday, July 06, 2013
If you are planning to pursue a course in visual effects (VFX), here are a few colleges in India that you may consider.
Published on Friday, July 05, 2013
Whether you're finding a new restaurant using a mobile application or updating your status on your favorite social-media site, computing technology has become engrained in our lives.You can see then how understanding this technology and the systems on which it runs ... More >>>
Published on Friday, July 05, 2013
List of graphic design software for professional graphic designers.
Published on Thursday, July 04, 2013
Pursuing programming language courses? Find out about different programming languages and a few popular courses that students opt for.
Published on Wednesday, July 03, 2013
Find list of Animation, Multimedia & Graphic Design Institutes in Delhi along with the courses offered by them and their contact details.
Published on Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Use our checklist of animation skills to see if you might have what it takes. See how these could affect your animation and gaming studies.
Published on Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Image courtesy:http://thinknexttraining.com Courses in animation, graphics and multimedia are typically offered as full-time or part-time courses. General eligibility criteria to study animation as diploma or degree program is generally the 10+2 or equivalent qualificatio... More >>>
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