10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018


Studying abroad is an enriching experience in one's life.It is always recommended for anyone and everyone who wishes to explore the globe and the various nuances each place carries. From making friends in a new country, to enjoying local festivals and cuisines, there's a lot one can do in a new place.

Choosing a country to study abroad can be an uphill task though with so many countries having varied things to offer.But, to make things a bit simpler, we have combined a list of top 5 countries to study abroad. This listing is compiled by US News[1] evaluating 80 countries across 24 rankings drawn from a survey of more than 21,000 global citizens. The evaluation of top 5 countries to study abroad is based on 5 factors:

  • cultural accessibility
  • fun
  • number of cultural attractions
  • preference to attend university in that country
  • quality of education

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But before we go to the listing of the top 10 places to study abroad in 2018, let us look at some of the benefits of studying abroad. According to a survey by the Institute for International Education of Students (IES) here are some interesting stats that came out [2]:

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  • 95% of the students who were surveyed admitted that studying abroad helped them to mature personally
  • 96% reported increased self-confidence and
  • 95% said it had a lasting impact on their worldview
  • 94% stated that their study abroad experience continues to influence interactions with people from different cultures
  • 82% said that it helped them develop a more sophisticated way of looking at the world
  • 98% of the students stated that study abroad helped them better understand their own cultural values

Here are the top 10 perfect places to study abroad in 2018:

1. South Korea


South Korea ranks number 1 in the list of top 5 countries to study abroad. South Korea is officially known as the Republic of Korea. It is located in the southern part of the Korean Peninsula in East Asia.South Korea’s capital offers a number of activities to foreign students and locals alike.

Capital City Seoul
Currency Won
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Won=0.063 INR

Official Language Korean
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in South Korea [3]

Seoul National University

South Korea’s first national university, ranking 36th in the QS World University Rankings 2018 and 11th in the QS Asia University Rankings 2018.
KAIST – Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology

It is a public research university, ranking joint 41st in the QS World University Rankings and 4th in the QS Asia University Rankings 2018. It also comes third in the QS Top 50 Under 50,for world’s leading universities under 50 years old.
Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

It is a private research university, ranking joint 71st in the world, 12th in the Asia ranking, and fifth in the QS Top 50 Under 50.



Turkey is 2nd most preferred country to study abroad. Located between Europe and Asia, Turkey is the perfect destination for students looking for adventure beside studying. Currently, there are nearly 150 colleges and universities in Turkey offering education to 30,000 foreign students studying there. The popular courses in Turkey includes business and international relations.

Capital City Ankara
Currency Lira
Currency Exchange Rate


Official Language Turkish
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in Turkey [4]

Bogaziçi Üniversitesi

Bogaziçi Üniversitesi was established in 1863, it is located in Istanbul and the language of instruction is English. It secured the 9th position in the 2016 EECA (Emerging Europe and Central Asia) ranking. 

Bilkent University

Bilkent University was Turkey’s first private non-profit institution, founded in 1984. It was ranked 12th in the 2016 EECA rankings.

Sabanci University

Sabanci University is third highest ranked university in Turkey and has secured the 13th position in the EECA rankings

3. UAE


United Arab Emirates is a perfect destination for students who want to earn a degree and also get hands on experience in the Middle East. Located near the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) shares borders with Qatar, Oman, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Capital City Abu Dhabi
Currency Dirham
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Dirham=18.53 INR

Official Language Arabic
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in UAE [5]

Khalifa University

Khalifa University is a non-profit university founded in 2007 in Abu Dhabi. It is ranked 451-460 in the world and joint 21st with the University of Sharjah in the 2018 Arab region rankings

American University in Dubai (AUD)

The American University in Dubai (AUD) is a private university founded in 1995. It is ranked 601-650 in the global rankings and 26th in the Arab region rankings.

University of Sharjah

The University of Sharjah was established in 1997 by the Emir of Sharjah, Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi and it ranks 701-750 in the QS World University Rankings and joint 21st in the Arab region rankings.

4. China


No wonder China has made it to the list of top 5 countries to study abroad. The country is rapidly growing as top study abroad destination for medical students as well as for other popular courses due to the quality of education and affordability.

Capital City Beijing
Currency Yuan
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Yuan=10.68 INR

Official Language Chinese
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in China [6]

Tsinghua University

Located in Beijing, Tsinghua University ranks 6th in the QS Asia University Rankings. Most of the courses offered by Tsinghua like modern languages, computer science, politics and architecture also ranks in the top 50 list.

Peking University

Founded as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898, Peking University has established itself as one of the leading Chinese universities for research. Peking is the highest-ranked institution in BRICS for academic reputation and employer reputation.

Fudan University

It was established in 1905 as Fudan Public School, Fudan University is ranked third in the BRICS and seventh in Asia. It merged with Shanghai Medical University in 2000.

5. Thailand


Thailand is the 20th-most-populous country, with approximately 69 million people. Thailand has a number of good universities that offer quality education and the job prospects are also bright especially for commerce and management streams.

Capital City Bangkok
Currency Baht
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Baht=2.13 INR

Official Language Thai
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in Thailand [7]

Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University is the highest-ranked of all universities in Thailand, placed joint 245th in the QS World University Rankings 2018 and 50th in the QS Asia University Rankings 2018.

Mahidol University

 The university is located in Bangkok and is placed 58th in the Asian rankings and joint 334th in the world university rankings.

Chiang Mai University

Chiang Mai University was the first higher education institution in Northern Thailand. It was founded in 1965 as a public research university and is ranked 112th in Asia and among the world’s top 600 universities

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If you do not find your dream course or university in these countries, there is nothing to be worried about because we have listed another 5 countries preferred by students to study abroad based on the listing by GoAbroad for the 2017-18 session [8]

6. Italy


Italy is known for its rich art and culture and serves as the perfect study abroad destination for students across the globe. It is the ultimate place for art lovers. The capital of Italy is Rome which is a popular tourist destination too.

Capital City Abu Dhabi
Currency Dirham
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Dirham=18.53 INR

Official Language Arabic
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in Italy [9]

Politecnico di Milano

It is the highest-ranked Italian university at 170th in the world. It has secured position in the top 20 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017 for Art and Design (joint 7th), Architecture (14th), Civil and Structural Engineering (14th), and Mechanical Engineering (29th).

Università di Bologna

Ranked at 188, the University of Bologna gives its name to the "Bologna Process", the ongoing project to make academic systems and qualifications more compatible across Europe.

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa 

Ranking at joint 192nd is Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, which was established in 1810 by a Napoleonic decree.It ranks within the world’s top 400 universities for Physics and Astronomy.

7. UK


UK has always been a popular study abroad country among students around the world. The choice of subjects and courses offered here is huge and the faculties are universities are also top class. London is the capital of England and the currency used here is "Pound". 1 Pound=91.44 Indian Rupee.

Capital City London
Currency Pound
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Pound=91.44 INR

Official Language British English
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in UK [10]

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209, making it one of the oldest universities in the world. It ranked 1st among the top universities in the UK and 5th in the QS World University Rankings.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is actually the oldest university in the world and is credited with producing highly successful alumni. it is currently ranked 6th in the QS World University Rankings.

UCL (University College London)

UCL ranks 7th in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2018, making it London’s highest-ranked university for three years in a row.

8. Germany


Germany is yet another popular study abroad destination for students. It is rapidly growing in terms of economy and infrastructure, keeping the cost of living lower than countries like UK and US.

Capital City Berlin
Currency Euro
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Euro=80.23 INR

Official Language German
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in Germany [11]

Technische Universität München

Technische Universität München (TUM)stands as the best university in Germany for the third time in a row.Around 24% of TUM’s students are international. It has secured 64th position in the QS World University Rankings 2018.

Ludwig-Maximilians - Universität München

Ranked 66th in the QS World University Rankings 2018, Ludwig-Maximilians - Universität München located in Munich, retains its position of the 2nd highest-ranked university in Germany.

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

It is Germany’s oldest university,established in 1386 and ranks 68th in the current QS World University Rankings.

9. Australia


Australia gets the 9th position among the top 10 perfect places to study abroad. The education system and the job opportunities are very good in Australia. Also, the grading system in Australia differs from rest of the countries. A “D” is in fact a pretty good grade in Australia! Most Australian universities use HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), and F (Fail) as their grading system. Canberra is the capital city of Australia and the currency used here is "Dollar". 1 Dollar=68.22 Indian Rupee.

Capital City Canberra
Currency Dollar
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Dollar=68.22 INR

Official Language English
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in Australia [12]

1. Australian National University (ANU)

Up two places this year to now rank 20th in the world, Australian National University (ANU) is consistently Australia’s highest-ranked institution. ANU is located in the country’s capital, Canberra, and is the only university to be created by the Parliament of Australia. Among its alumni are two Australian prime ministers.

2. University of Melbourne

It is the second-oldest university in Australia, founded in 1853. The University of Melbourne is ranked joint 41st this year in the QS World University Rankings 2018 alongside South Korea’s KAIST.

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) ranks 45th in the world and third in Australia.

10. Japan


With nearly 40 million people living in the metropolitan area, Tokyo is the first choice for many international students in Japan. The country’s capital and largest city is a major hub of technology, finance, and global innovation.

Capital City Tokyo
Currency Yen
Currency Exchange Rate

1 Yen=0.62 INR

Official Language Japanese
Official Website


Here's a list of top 3 Universities in Japan [13]

University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo continues to be Japan’s highest entrant in the overall world rankings, and is featured in 39 out of 46 subjects in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.

Kyoto University

Kyoto Universityis the 2nd highest-ranked university in the country and has secured a joint 36th position in the QS World University Rankings. the university also features among the world’s best in 35 of the 46 subjects as per the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.

Osaka University

It is ranked 63rd in the latest QS World University Rankings. It holds a position among the world’s best for 29 subjects in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.





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