10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018


10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

Even a semester abroad is an enriching experience in one's life. What if you get to study abroad for the entire duration of the program? That will be the dream, right? Studying abroad is always recommended for anyone and everyone who wishes to explore the globe and the various nuances each place carries.

From making friends in a new country, to having a wholesome lunch, alone, in a small restaurant in a secluded town, to giving that adrenaline a little boost with different adventurous activities and a lot more, studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime.

Choosing a country to study abroad can be an uphill task though with so many countries having varied things to offer. We bring to you 10 countries that you might want to give a shot at for studying abroad for the upcoming year, 2018.

1. New Zealand

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

New Zealand is one of the perfect places to study abroad because you get the best of both worlds when in NZ. One can engage in some brilliant adrenaline pumping sports in their leisure time and they get the best education in some of the top-brass universities across NZ and the globe.

2. China

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

China being a superpower increases the need to understand and learn how the Chinese get things done. With some world-class cities lining its east coast along with its capital, Beijing, China has a lot to offer in terms of culture and history. Studying abroad in China ought to be a diverse learning experience.

3. Sweden

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

Sweden happens to have a really educated population in its fold. A lot of emphasis is given on education which culminated in Sweden having some of the most accomplished educational institutions across the country. It welcomes one and all for their study abroad programs. Also, what better than to get those coffee breaks while you enjoy the delicious pastries served along with it.

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4. France

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

France is one country in Europe or probably across the world that is steeped in history and culture. The French love food and the French cuisine is considered one of the best in the world. Apart from this, France is home to some highly accomplished and recognized institutions across the world. The study abroad programs that these institutes offer dabble in fashion, art, culinary arts, and philosophy other than the most common programs offered anyway.

5. Chile

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

One of the safest places in the Latin American continent, Chile is a wonderful place to explore its history which is quite similar to the European countries and also a great place to learn Spanish. Other than its capital city Santiago, there are other cities in Chile where the universities offer good study abroad programs in culture, history, and language.

6. Spain

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and Spain is the epicenter. Beautiful outdoors along with world-class universities, Spain is a favourite study abroad destination for many across the globe. Its proximity and easy passage into other European countries makes it a most preferred study abroad country.

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7. Thailand

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

The floating market in Thailand is very popular among the South-East Asian countries. A favourable and affordable cost of living with top universities especially in Bangkok, it is one of the perfect study abroad destinations in Asia. And who doesn't love the beach?

8. Italy

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

Any of us who have studied world history may have heard of the Roman civilization. And in recent times, Italian food has conquered the world; especially Indians who love Italian food. Italy offers a variety of study abroad programs and you can study in any part of Italy because the entire country has brilliant universities.

9. Brazil

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

Brazil has some amazing beaches and extremely friendly people. Sao Paolo is a cultural hub with its local culture coming to the fore. It is also one of the perfect study abroad places in the world with good universities and diverse history and culture.

10. England

10 Perfect Places to Study Abroad in 2018

England has the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. That says it all. However there are other first-class universities in England that also offer great study abroad programs for anyone who wishes to study in England. India and England have a similar education system and that makes it easier for Indian students to study abroad in England.

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