World's Top 50 Arts and Humanities Universities Rankings 2011

World's Top 50 Arts and Humanities Universities Rankings is given in the table below

 1  Harvard University  United States
 2  University of Oxford  United Kingdom
 3  University of Cambridge  United Kingdom
 4  University of California, Berkeley (UCB)  United States
 5  Yale University  United States
 6  Columbia University  United States
 7  University of Toronto  Canada
 8  Stanford University  United States
 9  University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)  United States
 10  University of Chicago  United States
 11  Princeton University  United States
 12  McGill University  Canada
 13  University of British Columbia  Canada
 14  The University of Melbourne  Australia
 15  Cornell University  United States
 16  National University of Singapore (NUS)  Singapore
 17  The University of Sydney  Australia
 18  Duke University  United States
 19  Peking University  China
 20  The University of Tokyo  Japan
 21  University of Hong Kong  Hong Kong
 22  University of Edinburgh  United Kingdom
 23  University of Michigan  United States
 24  UCL (University College London)  United Kingdom
 25  New York University (NYU)  United States
 26  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  United States
 27  University of Texas at Austin  United States
 28  Brown University  United States
 29  Australian National University  Australia
 30  Kyoto University  Japan
 31  University of Pennsylvania  United States
 32  Trinity College Dublin  Ireland
 33  Johns Hopkins University  United States
 34  University of the Philippines  Philippines
 35  Ateneo de Manila University  Philippines
 36  Monash University  Philippines
 37  National Taiwan University (NTU)  Taiwan
 38  Chulalongkorn University  Thailand
 39  The University of Warwick  United Kingdom
 40  Macquarie University  Australia
 41  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  United States
 42  The University of Auckland  New Zealand
 43  The University of Manchester  United Kingdom
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