Cost of Living in France

Estimated Living Expenses in France:

  • Accommodation costs from EURO 120  to EURO 380 per month.

  • Food costs from EURO 130 to EURO 150 at university restaurants per month.

  • Health Care costs from EURO 380 to EURO 750 per month.

  • Miscellaneous items (transport & leisure) cost EURO 100 per month.

Please note that the costs are an average approximations and they vary from university to university.

For a student pursuing an Undergraduate program, the living expense range between EURO 10000 to 18000 per year.

For a student pursuing a Postgraduate program, the living expense range between EURO 18000 to 30000 per year.

Average Monthly Budget in France:

  • Private apartment can cost 600 Euros

  • Food and meals can cost 200 Euros

  • Health insurance can cost 42 Euros

  • Local transportation can cost 51 Euros

  • School supplies    can cost 45 Euros

  • Amusements and recreation costs 100 Euros

  • Miscellaneous items costs 100 Euros

Hence, the Total Monthly Expenses turns out to be 1138  Euros per month.

Medical cost:

The cost of compulsory medical insurance is approximately Euro 130 to Euro 715, per year depending on the age of the student.

Miscellaneous costs:

  • The cost of language training in France is approximately Euro 350 per month. It is advisable to learn French from recognized learning centers before leaving for France.

  • An individual usually spends 100 euro per week on grocery items and food consumption.

  • Coats and jackets can range from 50 euro up to several thousands depending on the material.

  • TGV to Paris costs 20 to 50 Euros for one way.

Managing your money :

  • Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, are accepted by most merchants for payments in excess of 15 Euros. Automated teller machines (ATM) are readily available in cities.

  • The French make extensive use of checks. However, checks drawn on foreign banks are rarely accepted by French merchants.

  • The Euro is now the sole currency used for all cash transactions in France.

International students can open non-resident bank accounts in Euros or another currency if they have been in France for less than 2 years. They may open a resident account if their stay is longer. Ask your bank if it is associated with a banking institution in France. The connection may make things easier when you go to open an account in France.

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