Working While Studying in Germany

An Indian student (non - European Union country) pursuing a full-time course and is on a student visa is allowed to work only part-time for 90 days or 180 half days in one year. However, you need to take permission from your respective universities and contact respective employment office for all details. The nature and type of job may vary from city to city. However, if you are DAAD scholarship holder, you need to first take permission from DAAD.

Student jobs aren’t easy to find

There aren’t too many student jobs in Germany. You need to do your homework well before taking up a job in Germany. Since not too many jobs are available for international students, there is always a scramble for jobs who want to earn some extra money while studying. Choose a job that is near to your university or within the campus and that will not hamper your studies much.

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How to get a student job

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  • Contact your departmental office to know if there are any vacancies
  • Contact student services organizations for tutor jobs
  • Get in touch with the library or research labs for jobs as student assistants
  • Plenty of jobs are advertised in local and regional newspapers

The majority of employment positions offered to non-EU/EAA citizens must be approved by the Federal Employment.

Check employment regulations

First of all you should know whether you are allowed to work or not. You should know the rules and obligations of working in Germany and if you break them you could be in for some serious trouble. The employment regulations for international students are very strict. You may be expelled if you break them! Independent or freelance work not allowed for international students.

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