Study Expenditure in Ireland

The main costs that students can expect to incur while studying in Ireland include tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. These vary considerably depending on the course, the institution and the lifestyle of the student. The figures given below provide a guideline for budgeting. Costs do not remain static, so it is important to double check fees with the Institution(s) you are considering applying to, and to ask their advice on other living costs.


Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and the study programme. An example of tuition fees for 2006/2007 for undergraduate, non-E.U. students at a third level institution are as follows:

 Courses  Average fees (Euro)*

Medicine and related

 €25,000 - €36,000


 €9,100 - €18,000
Science& Technology  
 €9,100 - €18,000

Business and related

 €9,100 - €13,500
Arts & Humanities

 €9,100 - €13,500

Living Expenses

Living expenses will differ depending upon the location of the institution, the type of accommodation preferred and on the personal expenditure of the student. To give some idea of the total cost involved, the following approximate figures - at 2006 rates - are given as a guide to overall expenses. On an average we estimate that a student will spend between €7500 and €12,000 per year depending on location and lifestyle.

 Expenses Euros
Text Books    



Food and Household

 Other Living Expenses
(Other Living Expenses-Travel,Health,Insurance,Social life,Communications Miscellaneous expenses)   

 €1500- €2500
 (depending on location and lifestyle)

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