Masters in Banking and Finance

An industry that is most related and looks after the financial transactions, deposits and security is widely as banking. The finance and banking industry is humongous, the system is capable of monitoring every financial moment through its well revised techniques and sections. Banking and Finance is basically being equipped with financial, regulations, risk management, banking, wealth channels and every position in a bank and finance.

Banking and Finance course has gradually become popular among students with keen interest in economy, finance, accountancy and monetary industry. Banking and Finance degrees are offered in several parts of the world. The operations, disciplines and principles of Banking and Finance include number of complex theories. Therefore to work in this industry, one must be wholly aware of the techniques and processes in it.

What is Banking and Finance?

Banking and Finance is a global concept that administers financial aspects of market as well as personal monetary aspects on micro and macro scale. Banking and Finance equips individuals with economic theories and practices to be thoroughly capable of managing banking operations and tasks. Analyzing market behaviour, determining the value of money, economic functions of bank and other standard activities of bank are some primary functions of banking and finance.

Banking and Finance is a diverse field with various responsibilities that attract individuals are keen and are capable of understanding, controlling and analyzing this industry. Masters in Banking and Finance is a post-graduate program that delivers theoretical knowledge to students about the industry and its sundry categories that are formed based on the funding or monetary discipline. It is therefore important to learn the concept from a reputed college or university as it necessary for acquiring a stable professional designation in the industry.

Masters in Banking and Finance courses are offered in many parts of the world. The degree course is mainly elected by students who want to work in the field of retail banking, equity funds, insurance, investment and capitalism. The course is undoubtedly a catering subject in India, many Indian students approach foreign countries every year to pursue this higher education degree.

Masters in Banking and Finance has the scope of growth in terms of learning and professional designations. Financial organizations highly value graduates with Finance and banking degree, their purpose and roles are well acclaimed and are undoubtedly experiential. Individuals with zealous interest in economy, monetary, finances, investments, capitalism, business, accountancy are most recommended for this program. After pursuing Masters and Banking finance salary for the professional designations are well paid.

Banking and Finance course subjects

  • Financial Security Analysis
  • Bank Risk Management
  • International Finance
  • Macro Economics
  • Banking Operations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Legal Aspects of Finance and Business
  • Financial Management
  • Economic Data Analysis

Studying banking and finance internationally will develop one’s financial operation skills as well as currency knowledge. International Finance and Banking degrees are popularly known for providing global level of information that originates one’s foreign currency capacity along with economy practices and investment methods. The duration of this course is about 1 to 2 years, generally one year degree is suffice.

Masters in Banking and Finance are tendered under the post graduation appellations such as Masters of Business Administration (MBA in Banking and Finance), Masters of Science (MSc Banking and Finance) and Masters of Arts (MA in Banking and Finance). Furthermore, banking and finance degrees are proffered through part-time, distance learning and online learning portals as well.

Masters in Banking and Finance

Eligibility criteria for Masters in Banking and Finance:

  • Bachelors degree in banking, finance or accountancy or any Bachelors degree from a relevant university
  • CV/Resume
  • work experience of at least 2 years is preferable
  • English Proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL

Popular Countries for Masters in Banking and Finance courses 

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the most sought after for banking and finance courses abroad. The financial and monetary system in UK was established way back in times making it the strongest economy in the world. The currency value of Euros is the highest of all currencies in the world. Universities in United Kingdom can be stated as the ideal country for this course. The course structure for banking and finance in this country is reliable as well as very admirably structure. With thorough understanding in banking and finance from world’s top capitalist country individuals can obtain positions at top banking and financial organizations in the world.

This course is commonly offered as MSc Banking and Finance in the country. MSc Banking and Finance UK are available as part time, full time, online and distance learning programs. For English proficiency test TOEFL or IELTS marks are suffice. Applications are accepted for winter, spring intervals. The tuition fees and accommodation fees might be a subsequently higher than expected. Scholarship or endowment opportunities can also be incurred by students.

Top universities in UK for Masters in Banking and Finance

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Masters in Banking and Finance Canada programs are generally preferred as MBA in Banking and Finance. MBA in Banking and Finance in Canada provides students with high quality content knowledge regarding the concept. Individuals with keen interest in International business management in regards to banking and finance industry are recommended to pursue higher education here. The country is warmly welcoming to Indian students and immigrants in general. With a better scope of living and job opportunities, Canada is undoubtedly a wonderful country to study this management course.

Studying from reputed universities of Canada that are recognized for study structure which focus on managerial skills will expand an individual’s exposure in the industry for the betterment. Some universities in Canada might conduct the program longer than 1 year. Students can apply in Canadian universities in summer and winter intervals.

Top colleges for MBA in Banking and Finance in Canada

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United States of America

Masters in Banking and Finance USA programs are broadly offered within the scope of Finance. However, some top business schools in United States proffer the best set of information related to international finance and accounting. Universities in the country accept student’s applications in summer, winter, and spring intervals. TOEFL and IELTS are accepted as English proficiency tests. With World Bank headquarters in the country, USA is considerably one of the main attractions for currency exchange and foreign exchange.

Top universities for Masters in Banking and Finance in USA:

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Career prospects post Masters in Banking and Finance degree:

  • Financial Consultant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Bank Manager (career in Banking)
  • Insurance Manager
  • Financial Consulting
  • Accountant

Banking and Finance programs is a widely provided course in the universities, institutes and colleges around the world. The course is mostly likely rendered at business schools. There are several business schools around the world that are well known particularly for this program. However one must note finance and banking courses are also offered just finance or banking. The course structure for both the programs is similar. The only specific difference is that the course of finance focuses on financial policies and disciplines whereas banking focuses on roles and responsibilities of banks. 

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