MSc Enterprise Architecture Management

Architecture is the process of planning, implementing and constructing of structures or buildings or edifice or monuments. There are many monuments in the world that is built with articulate understanding and wonderful architecture guidance. Historical architecture sites till today signify three bases i.e. Utility, Durability and Beauty which is found in all the construction made in the earlier days.  Many monuments are still as good as the time it was built. Different types and techniques of architecture have given us the chance to witness some of most admirable structures of all times.

Many changes in architecture has been witnessed since the progression and understanding of the concept and purpose of architecture. Different ideologies have helped us explore the concept of architecture. The process of building an edifice or a structure is a detailed activity and can only been attained with clear knowledge of the subject. Students study about this procedure for about 5 years getting an articulate comprehension of the subject proceeding to become architects. After the 5 years of detailed studies, many students turned architects opt for specialization degree in architecture.

Enterprise architecture management (EAM) is a concept that focuses on establishing and following the guidelines and principles providing practical knowledge about design and deployment of IT infrastructure creating a space and systems that align organizational goals.

Masters in Enterprise architecture management guides students about design and operation of IT infrastructure and systems that are used for maintaining organization’s vision and strategy. The program teaches an individual to enhance their strategic skills along with focusing on the process, functions and management to build an IT infrastructure or enterprise.

MSc enterprise architecture management course is available in United Kingdom. The course focuses on preparing students to design and deploy IT infrastructure and guiding them on management skills. This course is for those looking to work in management sector post Bachelors in Architecture;

Subjects covered in Masters in enterprise architecture

  • Information Systems and Business Strategy Alignment
  • Business Plan Development
  • Architecture Design
  • Technology and Trend Monitoring
  • Business Change management
  • Data Handling and Decision Making

Learning about the above mentioned prospects in a period of 18-21 months an individual can get an insight about enterprise architecture management leading to a career in the field of architecture.

Career Prospects after Masters in enterprise architecture

  • Chief Architect
  • Chief Technology officer
  • Chief Executive officer
  • Development planning

With developed skills in Business process design, Information systems technology, Management skills, Cyber security.

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