Masters in Sociology

Understanding the behaviour, structure and functioning pattern of humans has helped us comprehend each other better. Sociology is a subject that focuses on studying the interactions, relations and culture of human life. The concept of sociology began with various observations, elements and norms of the society.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is a scientific study of human behaviour on both personal and global level. We deal with various situations on daily basis that help us understand the issues and behavioural norms of the society. Sociology is the subject that studies these highly important aspects that are concerned with human interaction. Cross-cultural interaction is a humongous part of the modern world.

Sociology is also a field of study which is offered in Bachelor’s, Masterand Doctorate level. Sociology as a course of study that analyzes important aspects of society and issues that is closely related to human lives and communication’s . Masters in Sociology is a post graduate degree that develops an individual’s qualitative and quantitative thinking along with providing students pursuing this course with research based modules that draw attention to the patterns of human behaviour. With the modern era the techniques and methods have also eventually changed, upgrading in terms of public communication and ways of interaction has led to understanding and making use of platforms from modern times effectively.

Why study Sociology?

Masters in Sociology

Most preferred Masters Degree in Sociology is offered as Masters of Arts in Sociology (MA Sociology) and Masters of Science in Sociology (MSc Sociology). Since Masters is a post graduation degree an individual has the entire liberty to choose a specific subject of Sociology that trains or guides the individual with the prospects of the specialized Masters in Sociology degree. MA in Sociology and MSc in Sociology are similar in terms of the subjective and research modules. The only difference in these degrees is that MSc in Sociology focuses on technical aspects of the subject whereas MA in Sociology includes more of theoretical and comprehensive aspects of Sociology.

Masters in Sociology degree is offered in several countries with expertise knowledge. The best known countries to pursue education in this diverse field i.e. Sociology are United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Masters in Sociology programs abroad are recommended to students with perceptive interest in the components of Sociology that teach students about elucidate techniques, methods and other theoretical data of the subject.

Masters in Sociology Requirements

Syllabus of Masters in Sociology

  • Quantitative Methods of Sociology
  • Qualitative Methods of Sociology
  • Research methods of Sociology
  • Development and Sustainability
  • Contemporary Modules of Sociology
  • Health and Society
  • Issues of world and aspects of sociology
  • Ethnography
  • Other elective subjects

Masters in Sociology degree duration is 2 years if individuals prefer to attend the full time program. Masters in Sociology online programs are also offered where the duration of the course is about or over 1.5 years. Attaining a sociology degree from abroad will expand the knowledge scope and also will give individuals a wider range of opportunities for experiencing aspects of sociology on global level.

Best Countries for Masters in Sociology

United States of America

USA is a top-rated destination to study abroad, especially popular for management and engineering. MBA in USA is extremely popular and well-known. USA is also, a top-rated country to pursue Sociology. There are several reasons that define why USA is one of the best destinations for Sociology. Masters in Sociology degree in USA is offered by many top ranked universities. Being an international student one will experience ethnography and also develop a unique perception along with that an individual will also explore new sights of this globally popular country.

To apply for Masters of Sociology in USA one must have their English proficiency test IELTS or TOEFL scores along with that a Bachelors degree in Sociology or any degree that is related with the subject. It is recommended that individuals enquire with university for detailed information on required documents. MA in Sociology is most commonly offered program in the country.

Tuition fees in USA for Masters in Sociology degree are expensive and so are the living expenses. However individuals can opt for education loan to study this course as many bank institutions also cover basic expenses of students living abroad. Generic scholarships under Masters in USA can be applied for endowment facility.

United Kingdom

Sociology Masters UK programs are offered at some worldwide ranked top universities. The education system in the country is reliable students will gain expertise knowledge about the field from reputed institutions and colleges in the world. Masters in Sociology in UK will broaden a student’s understanding with various project based models that are specifically designed for Sociologists.

IETLS or PTE scores are accepted for English proficiency tests. Other basic requirements of studying post graduation Sociology in UK include Bachelors degree, Letter of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose. CV/Resumes are also required for applying in the universities abroad. For detailed list of secondary documents please visit university websites. MSc Sociology is the most commonly offered program in United Kingdom.

Tuition fees for Masters of Sociology in UK are cheaper compared to USA living expenses is also affordable to an extent. Individuals can find accommodations through their facilities for student living. Financial assistance is not widely offered for this program however one can opt for education loans that cover most of the basic expenses. Scholarship opportunities for this program are scare in the country.


Australia, USA, UK have a similar cultures that are found mostly in developed countries. Education for Sociology in Australia is highly amenable. International student rate in Australia is also considerably high making it one of the desirable destinations to study. Individuals have opportunities to understand Sociology in true essence in this country.

Masters in Sociology in Australia requires English Proficiency test IELTS or PTE scores along with that student’s must submit their education certificates. MA in Sociology is the most commonly offered program in this country. Through research modules and several practices of techniques derived social impact issues students can graduate in Sociology.  

Studying abroad is an expensive deal however with facilities like scholarship and education loans students can complete their post graduation degree abroad. Masters in Sociology in Australia tuition fees is expensive. But with favouring opportunities provided by institutions one can easily continue their higher education in foreign countries.


Canada is a country filled with people who come from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. The country is popularly known for its education systems as well as the student friendly environment maintained by the universities. Masters in Sociology Canada courses are pursued by several international students.

IELTS or TOEFL scores are accepted in Canada as English Proficiency test. Other mandatory requirements like Bachelors degree, CV/Resume, Letter of Recommendation are included in the list of prerequisites for studying in Canada.

Canada is a great destination for studying MA in Sociology. However, Canada is an expensive country to live and study in. Although with facilities like permanent residency, education and opportunities for Masters in sociology jobs, Canada is undoubtedly considered highly by Indian students for education.

Top Universities for Masters in Sociology:

There are several roles and responsibilities in the field of Sociology. Masters in Sociology is a perfect program for initiating Sociology careers one can expand their knowledge by pursuing this post graduation course.

Masters in Sociology Jobs:

  • Health Policy Analyst
  • Sociologist
  • Director of Human Resources agency
  • Human Resources Educator
  • Survey Researcher
  • Marketing Research Analyst

After completing Masters Degree in Sociology individuals can work on social work projects in developed and under developed countries. There is a wide range of scope post Masters in Sociology the field is filled with various opportunities that are highly valued. Masters degree in Sociology salary completely depends on the designation or position of an individual in the firm.

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