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The cost of living in Switzerland echoes the country's high standard of living. The Swiss have access to excellent quality products, transportation, quality accommodation, and superior cultural and tourism offerings. While an outsider may feel that the cost of living is high, what they often miss out is that the Swiss are also paid pretty well.

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Usually the cost of studying & living in Switzerland for an international student depends on their personal choice of recreational activities but it safe to keep at least 1600 CHF (Rs.1 lakh) - 2000 CHF (Rs.1.4 lakh) for your monthly expenses (including tuition fee.)

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Living costs in Switzerland for students will also differ according to which city of your university. For example a university town like Fribourg (monthly rent is around 785 (CHF) is less expensive as compared to Zurich (monthly rent is around 400 (CHF), the largest city in the country.

A typical monthly budget for international students in Switzerland may look like this (the lower range is for cheaper cities like Fribourg and the upper range is for expensive cities like Zurich):

Area of expense
Cost range (in CHF Swiss Francs)
Cost range (in Indian Rupees)
Cost of study
(tuition fee + semester fee)
110 - 135 Rs.7,500 - 9,200
 House rent/ accommodation 400 - 785 Rs.27,400 - 53,900
 Food 450 - 500 Rs.30,900 - 34,300
Clothes, personal hygiene 100 Rs.6,800
 Travel (public transport
like trams, trains, buses)
 50 - 60 Rs.3,400 - 4,100
 Leisure activities  150 - 200 Rs.10,300 - 13,700
Health insurance 250 - 400 Rs.17,100 - 27,400
 Personal study costs (books,
study material, exam fee)
100 Rs.6,800
 Monthly total  1610 - 2280 Rs.1,10,622 - Rs.1,56,657

University Tuition Fees Per Year in Swizz Universities

 University  EPFL
ETH Zurich
Fees For Foreign Students  1266  1288  1400  1310  1524 1000 1160 1570 1580 2340  1578

P.S: All the Figures are  in Swiss Francs (CHF)

Health Insurance

If you plan to stay in Switzerland for more than three months, it is compulsory that you have basic health insurance coverage. International students who are insured from their own country (your home country's health insurance must meet Swiss requirements) may be exempted from this compulsory health insurance. The monthly premium for Swiss health insurers vary between 80 - 350 CHF.

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