Summer Tips

Hey KIDS Are you planning to watch lots of movies, have lots of fun? Must have notified your mom that you will not study. Hey! that's the way holidays are supposed to be spent. But what about organizing yourself and for coming session and learning things

These tips should make the transition from summer vacation to the school year somewhat easier for you.

It helps if you can spend time about a week to two weeks before school starts to:
  • Clean your house (or at least your room) from top to bottom
  • Sort out all the papers that have messed up your desk.Keep the useful ones in files,cartons or boxes. Trash the rest.
  • Organize your clothes. Give away the old clothes or the faded ones to the trades people,orphanages, destitute homes etc.
  • Do whatever you know needs to be done because you won't have time to do it once school starts.
You could take time out to sort out your family/personal  photographs, insert them into albums,where they stay in order. You will find this is no small task .It is rather time consuming.

You don't need to feel GUILTY or get STRESSED about all the things you should be doing but don't have the time to do.

Make a list of every task which needs to be done around the house. Then you will have an estimate how much time you will spend on these activities. By doing so you will have an idea of what to expect and how you will need to schedule your time once school starts.

Use a daily planner:
  • Get some tips on how to make a planner useful or use NNE's Edu Calender cum planner.
Just by keeping the clutter controlled, your home will be a much more pleasant place to live and above all your mother would be the happiest person of all .

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