Capitol College

11301, Springfield Road
Maryland 20708 - 301-369-2800

Capitol College located in Maryland provides extensive online courses in engineering, computer sciences, information technologies and business. Founded in 1927, Capitol College is a regionally accredited institution offering associate, bachelor's and master's degrees, as well as professional development training and certificates. Full-time undergraduate students are eligible for a five-year tuition lock and a job guarantee. All graduate-level degrees are available online, supported by software that delivers live, real-time lectures.

Courses Offered

  • Computer Certificate Courses
  • Management Certificate Courses
  • Bachelor of Science Degree Completion
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Master of Science in Information Architecture, Duration 2 year
  • Master of Science in Information & Telecommunications, Duration 2 year
  • Master of Science in Electronic Commerce Management, Duration 2 year
  • Master of Science in Network Security, Duration 2 year

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