CIEFL Hyderabad

The Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL) is the only University in India devoted exclusively to the teaching/learning of Foreign Languages. Autonomous in nature, it was established to improve the standards of the teaching of English and Foreign Languages in India. Over the years, CIEFL has been introducing various Foreign Languages that are in demand. It is. The Institute offers academic Programmes in English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.


  • Ph.D. in English
  • Language Proficiency Programme in Arabic, Duration 100 hours
  • Diploma in Translation (Arabic/English, English/Arabic)
  • Certificate of Proficiency, Diploma & Advanced Diploma, Duration 160 hour and 2 semesters
  • Part-Time Language Proficiency Programmes in German, Duration 100 hours
  • Part-Time Diploma in Translation
  • Part-Time Language Proficiency Programmes in Spanish, Duration 100 Hours
  • Part-Time Diploma in Translation, Duration 100 Hours
  • Diploma in Scientific and Technical Translation in Russian, Duration 2 semester

Contact Details

Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages (CIEFL)
Ph: 091-040-7098131

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