CBSE Class 12 Sociology

CBSE Class 12 Sociology

Sociology, as a subject, at the CBSE Class 12 stage is introduced to help learners reflect on what they hear and see in the course of everyday life and develop a constructive attitude towards the society. The curriculum of Sociology enables the learner to understand human behaviour. There is scope in the syllabus not only for interactive learning, based on exercises and project work but also for teachers and students to jointly innovate new ways of learning. The syllabus starts with the assumption that gender as an organizing principle of society cannot be treated as an add-on topic but is fundamental to the manner that all chapters shall be dealt with. The chapters shall seek for a child centric approach that makes it possible to connect the lived reality of children with social structures and social processes that sociology studies. A conscious effort will be made to build into the chapters a scope for exploration of society that makes learning a process of discovery. A way towards this is to deal with sociological concepts not as givens but a product of societal actions humanly constructed and therefore open to questioning.

CBSE Class 12 Arts: Sociology Syllabus and Preparation tips:

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CBSE Class 12 Arts: Sociology recommended Books

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