IIIT Hyderabad Programs

The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad offers excellent academic programs for Graduate, Post Graduate level and Research students. It encourage students to excel in course work and also carry out leading edge research in a chosen specialization.

Undergraduate Programs in IIIT Hyderabad

The undergraduate programme is designed to provide core concepts and skills in the broad areas of engineering, sciences, mathematics and humanities, and practicums, in the first two years. For more details of the undergraduate programmes Click here.

Postgraduate Programs in IIIT Hyderabad

Postgraduate programmes allow students to specialize in chosen areas of interest, and prepare them for specialized jobs in industry. For more details of the postgraduate programmes Click here.

Postgraduate Research Programs in IIIT Hyderabad

These programmes are designed to provide students opportunities to conduct in-depth research in a chosen area of specialization. For more details of the postgraduate research programmes Click here.

Other than these, the institute also offers Foreign Students Programs and Part Time Programs.

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