Central University of Kerala Common Entrance Test notification 2012

Name of Institute / University

Central University of Kerala

Courses Offered

In the current academic year, the CUK offers six Integrated MPhil/PhD Programmes and 10 MA/MSc Programmes in 10 departments under four schools. The students gaining admission to the Integrated MPhil/PhD programme have to successfully complete the MPhil phase in order to gain admission to the PhD phase. The students too can choose to discontinue the programme after completion of the MPhil Phase.

Department: Languages and Comparative Literature
Programme: Comparative literature
Integrated MPhil/PhD (Comparative Literature)
MA (English & Comparative literature)

Department: Hindi
Programme: MA (Hindi)

Department: Linguistics
Programme: M.A. (Linguistics a specialization in Computational Linguistics)

Department: Global Studies: Economics
Programme: Integrated MPhil/PhD (Economics)
MA (Economics)

Department: Biological Sciences
Programme: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Integrated MPhil/PhD (Biochemistry)
MSc (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Department: Genomic Science
Programme: Integrated MPhil/PhD (Genomics)
MSc (Genomic Science)

Department: Animal Science
Programme: Integrated MPhil/PhD (Taxonomy)
MSc (Animal Sceince)

Department: Plant Sceince
Programme: MSc (Plant Science)

Department: Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Programme: Physics
Integrated MPhil/PhD (Physics)
MSc (Physics)

Department: Computer Science
Programme: MSc (Computer Science)

Department: Mathematics
Programme: MSc (Mathematics)


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Entrance Date


CUCET – 2012 Online Examination (for all Post Graduate & Research programmes Except Language programme):

9th – 10th June 2012

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