Avantages of Correspondence Education in India

The flexibility of time helps the students to prepare for the exam comfortably. The systematic instructional material, instructional design and self-instructional material help the independent learners in a significant way. The strategy, stages and steps in effective lesson writing are really helping the students to develop themselves. It is also very economical, which can be afforded by all sections of the people.

Being an `industrialized' form of education, it has reduced human contacts which occur only in the feedback stage of the process. However this is taken care of by means of periodic assignments for submission.

In a nut shell the merits of correspondence may be listed as below:
  • Student is more active and self directed in learning environment
  • Well planned instructional design and self-instructional material
  • Easy schedule
  • Students can engage courses at home
  • Economical and affordable for every one
  • Can pursue a job along with education
  • Suitable for Drop out students, housewives and others doing a job who could not complete their education for some reason.

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