Ancillary Information of CIET

CIET has produced many programmes for the promotion of education.

Some of them are :-
  • 'Umang'
  • 'Tarang' (10 -11 a.m.:5 days a week;15mts. TT prog. each day)
  • Scripts on Astronomy to Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Video spots (Pollution)
  • Animation spots
  • Numerous continuities for capsuling in Magazine format (16 capsules/week)
  • Kathak as a component of Art education through ETV - by Uma Sharma

Educational Broadcasting

CIET nodal for all school educational broadcast

  • Educational Broadcast Policy
    MHRD has formed a committee with the Additional Secretary as the Chairman and the chiefs of all concerned educational institutions as members including CIET. It gives policy directives: distribution of time slots among them, quality etc. CIET has been made the nodal institution to select, coordinate and telecast all educational programmes at school level.

  • Standing Committee for Programme Co-ordination(SCOPCO)
    Chairman- JEA
    Co Convenors- JD-CIET & Director, MHRD.SCOPCO

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