Kendriya Hindi Sansthan - Activities

The organization undertakes various activities and functions in order to give shape to its objective: Some of its activities are:-

  • Developing latest methodologies for teaching Hindi as a second and foreign language;
  • Training Hindi teachers of the non-Hindi speaking areas of India;
  • Providing facilities for higher studies in Hindi language & literature;
  • Undertaking and providing facilities for comparative & contrastive linguistic studies of Hindi with Indian languages;
  • Developing language teaching material for Hindi as a second and foreign language;
  • Organising teaching & training programmes for the foreigners under the ‚ÄėPropagation of Hindi Abroad Scheme and Self Financing Scheme‚Ä?;
  • Conducting correspondence courses for Hindi language teaching of B.Ed. level;
  • Organising extension service and orientation programmes;
  • Collaborating with computing agencies for the development of natural language processing specially in the field of Computer Assisted Language Teaching and Machine Translation;
  • Surveying of the tribal languages and introduce primary education through their mother-tongues and gradual switch over to Hindi from their mother-tongues in a scientific and a well-knit graded manner, as well as preparation of teaching material for tribal languages.

The organisation has following departments in which it runs various programmes.
  • Department of Teacher Education
  • Department of Foreign Hindi Teaching
  • Department of Correspondence Courses
  • Department of Information and Language Technology
  • Department of Research Language Development
  • Department of Functional Hindi and Language Orientation


The Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra conducts the following programs to train efficient manpower for the promotion of Hindi language-

Teachers' Training Programme

  • Hindi Shikshan Nishnat (M.Ed. level)
  • Hindi Shikshan Paranngat (B.Ed. level)
  • Hindi Shikshan Parangat (B.Ed. level)
  • (For Hindi teachers of non Hindi states)
  • (Through Correspondence-cum-Contact)
  • Hindi Shikshan Praveen
  • Four Year Hindi Shikshan Diploma
  • Gahan Hindi Shikshan Prashikshan

Foreigners' Programmes

  • Hindi Bhasha Dakshta Pramanpatra
  • Hindi Bhasha Dakshta Diploma
  • Hindi Bhasha Dakshta Advanced Diploma
  • Hindi Bhasha Anuprayog Dakshta Diploma
  • Samanvita Hindi Pathyakram
  • Post M.A. Diploma
  • Post M.A. Anuprayukta Hindi Bhasha Vigyan Diploma
  • Post M.A. Anuvad Siddhant Evan Vyavahar Diploma
  • Post M.A. Anuprayukta Hindi Bhasha Vigyan Advanced Diploma

Orientation Programme

  • Uccha Navikaran Pathyakram
  • Nivikaran Pathyakram
  • Bhasha Sanchetana Vikas Karyakram
  • Samvardhanatmak Pathyakram
  • Kaushal Parak Pathyakram
  • Functional Hindi Orientation Programmes

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