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The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), being an institute of national importance conducts research work in a number of sciences and allied disciplines. All the centers of ISI offers research programmes in a number of disciplines. A list of ISI's research programmes along with their center name within bracket is given here-

Theoretical and Applied Statistics

  • Applications of Statistics in Social Sciences (SMU Kolkata)
  • Asymptotic Theory (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Bayesian Statistics (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Biostatistics (ASU, SMU Kolkata)
  • Design of Experiments (ASU, SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Directional Data Analysis (ASU, SMU Kolkata)
  • Inference in Stochastic Processes (SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Linear Models and Generalized Linear Models (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi, SQCOR Hyderabad)
  • Multivariate Analysis (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Bangalore)
  • Nonparametric Inference and Exploratory Techniques (ASU, SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Operations Research (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SQCOR Delhi)
  • Regression (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi, SQCOR Hyderabad)
  • Reliability, Life Testing and Survival Analysis (ASU, SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Robust Statistics (ASU, SMU Kolkata)
  • Sample Survey (ASU, SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Statistical Quality Control (SQCOR Bangalore, SQCOR Kolkata, SQCOR Delhi)
  • Time Series Analysis (ASU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)

Probability and Stochastic Processes
  • Dynamical Systems (PAMU, SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Filtering Theory (SMU Delhi)
  • Finitely Additive Probability (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Inference in Stochastic Processes (SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Limit Theorems (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Mathematical Finance (SMU Delhi)
  • Percolation (SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Quantum Probability (SMU Bangalore, SMU Delhi)
  • Semistable Processes (SMU Bangalore)
  • Stochastic Calculus and Martingales (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)


  • Group Theory, Commutative Algebra & Algebraic Geometry (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Matrix & Operator Theory (SMU Delhi)
  • Linear Algebra (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi, SQCOR Unit Hyderabad)
  • Combinatorics (ASU, SMU Bangalore, SMU Delhi)
  • Combinatorial Group Theory (SMU Kolkata)
  • Point Set Topology (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Algebraic & Differential Topology (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Transformation Groups (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Geometry of Banach Spaces (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Operator Algebras (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Harmonic Analysis on Lie Groups (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Ergodic Theory (SMU Bangalore, SMU Kolkata)
  • Descriptive Set Theory (SMU Kolkata)
  • Logic (SMU Kolkata)
  • Theoretical Computer Science (SMU Kolkata, ASU)
  • Automata Theory (ASU, SMU Kolkata)
  • Operations Research (SQCOR Delhi)

Computer Science
  • Automata Theory (ASU, SMU Kolkata)
  • Cryptology and Data Security (ASU, CSSC, CVPRU, SMU Kolkata, SMU Delhi)
  • Descriptive Set Theory (SMU Kolkata)
  • Logic (SMU Kolkata)
  • Theoretical Computer Science (SMU Kolkata, ASU)
  • Database and Information retrieval (CSSC, CVPRU)
  • Parallel/Distributed Processing and Neural Networks (ACMU, ECSU, MIU)
  • Fuzzy Logic and Rough Sets (MIU, ECSU)
  • Genetic Algorithms (MIU, ECSU)
  • Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence (ECSU, MIU)
  • Natural Language Processing (CVPRU, ASU)
  • Neural Network (MIU, CVPRU)
  • Computational Geometry (ACMU, SMU)
  • Case-based Reasoning and Data Mining (MIU)

Electronics and Communication
  • Computational Linguistics (CVPRU)
  • Speech and Music Analysis/Processing (ECSU, CVPRU)
  • Natural Language Processing and Document Analysis (CVPRU, ASU)
  • Pattern Recognition and Cluster Analysis (CVPRU, MIU)
  • Image Analysis/Processing (CVPRU, ECSU, MIU, ASU)
  • Neural Network (MIU, CVPRU)
  • Computer Vision (CVPRU, ECSU, MIU)
  • Genetic Algorithms (MIU)
  • Fractals and Wavelets (MIU)
  • Brain Modeling and Chaos (MIU)
  • Soft Computing (MIU)
  • Fuzzy Logic and Mathematics (MIU, CVPRU)
  • Neuro-Fuzzy Computing (MIU, ECSU)
  • Heterogeneous Computing (ACMU)
  • VLSI Design (ACMU, ASU)
  • Electronic Design Automation (ACMU)
  • Mobile Computing (ACMU)
  • Atmospheric Science and Remote Sensing(ECSU, MIU)
  • Speech Recognition/Processing (ECSU)

Applied Mathematics

  • Dynamical Systems and Chaos (PAMU)
  • Integral expansions, Integral equations and Applications (PAMU)
  • Queuing and Inventory Models in Operation Research (PAMU)

  • Astroparticle Physics (PAMU)
  • Astrophysics (PAMU)
  • Condensed Matter Physics (PAMU)
  • Extended Electrodynamics and Non-zero rest mass of Photon (PAMU)
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (PAMU)
  • High Energy Physics (PAMU)
  • Quantum Optics (PAMU)
  • Pattern-forming Instabilities in Soft Matter (PAMU)
  • Plasma Physics (PAMU)
  • Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics (PAMU)

Fluid Dynamics

  • Fluid Flows (PAMU)
  • Hydrodynamic Stability and Waves (PAMU)
  • Turbulence (PAMU)
  • Water Waves (PAMU)

Geological Studies
  • Gondwana Geology (GSU)
  • Proterozonic Geology (GSU)
  • Empirical-Statistical Analysis of Geological Data (GSU)
  • Colloid, Surface and Environment (GSU)

Sustainability of Agricultural Systems

  • Watershed Management (AgSU)
  • Rain-fed Farming (AgSU)
  • Eco-friendly Agriculture (AgSU)
  • Biomathematical Modelling in Agriculture (AgSU)
  • Conversion of By-products of Leaf-protein Technology

  • Joint Forest Management
  • Human Ecology
  • Mangrove and Aquatic Ecosystems (Agricultural Science Unit)
  • Mathematical Modelling of Ecological Systems
  • Soil Analysis in Diverse Ecosystems

Human Health and Disease

  • Epidemiology and Genetics of Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Diabeter
  • Developmental Homeostasis
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Ergonomics
  • Environmental Impact on Health
  • Environmental Impact on Health
  • Growth Studies (AHGU)
  • Demography and Health of Small Populations
  • Statistical Modelling of Complex Diseases and Gene Mapping (AHGU)
  • Apoptosis and Telomere Function in Cancer
  • Biomathematical Modelling in Epidemiology and Physiology

Human Population Structure and Variation

  • Genomic Diversity in Ethnic Populations
  • Anthropometric and Dermatoglyphic Variation in Families and Populations
  • Population Structure Models

Life Science

  • Morphology and Anatomical Studies on Plants (Agricultural Science Unit)
  • Vegetation Fractionation Technology (Biometry Unit)
  • Fish Growth (Biometry Unit)


  • Education & Educational Psychology (PRU)
  • Evaluation of Educational System (PRU)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Test Construction/Adaptation (PRU)
  • Statistical Modelling (PRU)
  • Graded Response Model in Item Response Theory (PRU)
  • Sample Survey (PRU)

  • Computational Linguistics (LRU)
  • Methods in Quantitative Linguistics (LRU)
  • Phonetic and Phonological Structures of Major Indian Languages (LRU)
  • Sociolinguistics (LRU)
  • Clinical Linguistics (LRU)
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Post-Structuralism (LRU)

Population Studies

  • Evaluation of Population Data (PSU)
  • Mortality and Morbidity (PSU)
  • Fertility (PSU)
  • Nuptiality (PSU)
  • Migration (PSU)
  • Labour Force (PSU)
  • Population Models (PSU)
  • Evaluation of Health and Family Welfare Programmes and Innovative Projects (PSU)
  • Issues on Reproductive Health (PSU)
  • Demographic & Health Surveys (PSU)


  • Land Reforms (SRU)
  • Decentralisation of Planning Process (SRU)
  • Literacy and Education (SRU)
  • Sociology of Historical Communications (SRU)
  • Religious and Ethnic Problems (SRU)
  • Methodological Developments (SRU)


  • Econometric Methods and Time Series (EAU Bangalore, ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Econometric Applications (EAU Bangalore, ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Social Choice and Welfare (ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Industrial Organization (ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Indian Economic Problems (EAU Bangalore, ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Game Theory (PU Delhi)
  • Public Economics (ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • International Trade (ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Macroeconomics (ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)
  • Economic Development (EAU Bangalore, ERU Kolkata, PU Delhi)

Library, Documentation and Information Science

  • Knowledge Representation Methods (DRTC)
  • Information System Management (DRTC)
  • Information Analysis and Consolidation (DRTC)
  • Benchmarking of Information Services (DRTC)

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