Tumkur , KA

  • DIPLOMA in Appareal Design & Fabrication Technology (DAD & FT)



Campus Admission Details
FOR ADMISSIONS: K. R. Ashoka Principal 94480 27262, B. V. Rajendra Kumar Vice Principal 98456 33796

Campus Facilities

Placement Aid:
The Training & Placement Office, facilitates the process of placement of students passing out from the Institute besides collaborating with leading organizations and institutes in setting up of internship and training program of students. Recognizing the complexity of the career-planning process and the myriad of options available to students, the Department of Training and Placement conducts programs that offer various services to meet the professional development needs of students. The department partners with students in the process of career management. This starts with self-assessment and leads to identifying a career that meets individual goals. The Department generates awareness about industry and career trends among the students by organizing company visits, informal and formal discussions, workshops and guest lectures. Senior Executives and alumni from a variety of business share practical advice and insights gained from their own background and experience. This helps students to make well considered choices. The Training and Placement Section provides a launch pad for students to make it to the best organizations in the fields of software, core industries, management, etc. Our students have lived up to the expectations of organizations that visit the campus, looking for bright candidates to take up important and challenging responsibilities at their workplace.

Mr. K. R. Ashoka
Mr.Rajendra Kumar B. V.
Vice - Principal
Mr.Mallesh B. Y.
H.O.D. Dept., of Electronics & Communication Engg
Ms.Manjula T. P.
H.O.D. Dept., of AD & FT
Ms.Ashwini J.
H.O.D. Dept., Civil Engg.
Mr. Venkateshaiah.
Lect., Dept. of Automobile Engg.
Mr. Fayaz Ahamed
H.O.D. Dept., of Electrical & Electronics Engg.
Mr. Thyagaraj
H.O.D. Dept., Applied Science
Ms.Ashwini J.
H.O.D. Dept., Civil Engg.
Ms.Ramya M.
Lect. Dept. of Computer Science & Engg.
Mr.Chethan D. S.
Lect. Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
Mr. Mussavir Ahammed.
Lect. Dept. of Automobile Engg.
Mr.Sridhar K. S.
Lect. Dept. of Applied Science.
Ms. Kavya N. B.
Lect., Dept. AD & FT.
Mr. Narasimha. H
Lect., Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Engg.

H.M.G.Road, Saraswathipuram
Tumkur, KA


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