TEDxDTU 2018

TEDxDTU 2018

Re-established in the year 2015, the DTU team has worked tirelessly to deliver one of the highest quality TEDx events in India. Their previous event, held on the 18th of March 2017, was witnessed by an audience of 150+, consisting of designers, entrepreneurs, professionals, technology enthusiasts, and motivated students alike; the top faculty of Delhi Technological University and representatives from various media organizations.

The organizing team put together a revolutionary line-up of speakers consisting of artists, celebrities, industrialists, visionaries, and motivators who inspired thousands of people with their words of change.

Shattering prejudices, breaking down barriers, simplifying the complex, and finally, solving the unsolvable. Back with the 2018 edition of the event, TEDxDTU aims to stand true to the motto— Ideas Worth Spreading, and bring forth voices, who turned their hopeless climaxes into beautiful happy endings. Therefore their theme this year, Deus Ex Machina!

With issues arising in every field, the goal is to bring forth a series of revolutionary ideas which break the generic glass ceilings, and bring forth interesting  outcomes. Rather than being unexpected twists in the scenarios, the aim of the talk is to foster the generation of solutions which have been staring us in the face all along, and  invoke conversations of its implications in the modern scenario.


1. Aninda Bagchi

Mr. Aninda Bagchi is the Associate Director of Project Management at CBRE, one of the largest commercial real estate services and investment firm in the world. With foundations in design and graduating as an architect, the urge to learn and know beyond the drawing board, post the initial years of working as an architect, led him to do his specialization in Project Management. Aninda has been key in establishing project delivery systems and processes and encourages knowledge sharing.


While the desire and the want to achieve perfection in whatever he does, has always been strong, Aninda strongly encourages one to learn from mistakes made – something that has helped him to develop a keen eye for detail in the trade and build a foundation to stand solid. He advocates collaborating, meeting people beyond his own profession and trade, draw parallels and learn.


2. RJ Sukriti

Sukriti is an electronic engineer turned RJ turned Video blogger turned Video Host/VJ. She has previously worked with radio channels such as Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Delhi and is currently hosting a show with a hugely popular online gaming/quiz app, Brain Baazi. She is a woman of many talents, is charming, spunky, spontaneous, brimming with life, innovative, daring and loves interacting with people. She is among those girls who does not rely on luck but believes in making her own luck.

But more than Radio, she is hugely popular among the youth for her videos that she regularly makes for her FB page, ‘RJ Sukriti’. The videos cover topical issues, public opinions and are extremely humorous. Some of the videos are lysticals on our daily things and are hundred percent relatable. Apart from this, she’s also associated with an NGO, ‘Jan Jagriti Foundation’ which imparts education and skill development to the underprivileged kids, specially the girl child.

3. Kaustubh Radkar

Mr. Kaustubh Radkar is a former national swimming champion and has finished the coveted IRONMAN triathlon on all six continents, being the first Indian to do so, in October 2015. He bas finished 20 Ironmans till date most for anyone living in India. He believes in giving back to the sport that he got so much from, and is doing so by being the first Indian IRONMAN certified coach, training amateur, elite and professional triathletes alike.

4. Ishan Bose

Mr. Ishan Bose is a man with many hats, currently being the head of Marketing, Sales and PR at KrazyBee as well as the head of India Operations at DingTalk (DingDing), the Mobility ERP solution from the Alibaba Group, focusing on the higher education institutions. He has been the key evangelist for the Live Streaming Entertainment Industry in India, helping the launch, takeoff and consolidation of apps like Mi Live, Bigo Live and Starmaker among many others.

5. Ankur Warikoo

Ankur Warikoo has been an internet entrepreneur for a decade now. And while he calls himself "just another guy" - he is considered one of the most profiled entrepreneurs of the country. He is the Co-Founder and CEO of nearbuy.com - which is his third startup. Passionate about organization building - Warikoo cares enough to share his experiences as an entrepreneur on social media - making him a powerful influencer.

6. Akasa Singh

The voice that took the nation by storm, the voice that collaborated with global icon Ricky Martin –Akasa Singh has been ruling our hearts. She began performing at an early age of 17yrs and has been a favourite amongst TV shows, featuring in Angels of Rock (MTV) , India’s Raw Star (Star Plus) and the most recent being Amazon Originals- The Remix. With a blockbuster hit, ”Tu Kheech Meri Photo”, she is one of the most talented live singers in this country.

7. Shubha Vilas

Mr. Shubha Vilas, due to his multi-faceted interests, may be one of few to hold an Electronics Enginnering degree, be an expert in patent law and put in energy in deep studies and interpretations of Vedic scriptures. After 11 years of monkshood, he set out to fulfil the objective of his life: to spread joy and knowledge of living a life based on the purity of scriptures, making them not just understandable but also practical. He has also authored many books, including a six-volume rendition of the Ramayana.


8. Sandra Colhando

Ms. Sandra Colhando has over 1500 professional coaching hours post certification by the International Coach Foundation. Her background includes working with senior leaders, entrepreneurs and women executives from small private companies to large Fortune 500 organisations. She is the Co-Founder of TransforME Learning and Leadership Solutions, an award-winning results-based learning firm focused on enabling personal transformation. Prior to this, she has also held senior positions in organisations such as GE, Convergys, Indiabulls and Mahindra & Mahindra.

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