Importance of Humanities

Career in Humanities is a very lucrative option, especially if you do not have a technical bend of mind and not interested in medical or engineering. There is a growing trend among the students in India to opt for science courses but then many are unable to cope with the pressure because of lack of interest. If you do not possess the technical bend of mind, then, exercising your potentiality and capability in these fields may not work. Churning out a career in any of the several career options in humanities is a good decision as the scope of humanities is huge.

Let’s not forget that the majority of the world’s famous people who changed the world to their will and made it a better place to live in studied different disciplines in humanities.  For example Marx’s interest was in law and philosophy, Lenin was a student of law, Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru were law graduates while S. Radhakrishnan studied philosophy.  Apart from this, most of the IAS and IPS belong to this stream. In India, Civil Service examination is considered as one of the highest competitive exams and the toughest one to crack the nuts as well. But, the majority of the IAS aspirants prefer humanities as their optional paper. Humanities paper gives you an edge in all the competitive exams being held in India because it makes your General Studies strong and sharp. General Studies is not only the part and parcel of your life but also the leitmotif theme of every competitive exam. It is one of the best career options after 12 Arts.

Another importance of studying humanities is that if offers practical advantages as well. It can lead to challenging and satisfying employment, even in business. Employers value students who are broadly educated, who can speak and write effectively, and who are capable of tackling complex problems.

The Humanities major also offers students the unique chance of learning not only traditional wisdom, but the chance to bring that wisdom to bear on a range of contemporary economic, religious, political, and social questions that are at the heart of human culture and life. Thus, Humanities is one of the most intellectually stimulating, enjoyable majors that presents plenty opportunities for the students to make life satisfying and thrilling.

Scope of Humanities' Education in India

There are a lot of fields to explore if you have a major in some of the subjects taught under Humanities. They are,

No. Job Title  Major  No. Job Title  Major 
1 Proposal Manager Business Administration 16 Web Content Editor Journalism
2 Content Strategist Journalism 17 Assistant Director, Non-Profit Organization Psychology
3 Communications Director Communication 18 Communications Specialist Communication
4 Intelligence Analyst Political Science 19 Grant Writer English Literature
5 Content Marketing Manager Communication 20 High School Teacher History
6 Communications Manager Communication 21 Sign Language Interpreter American Sign Language Interpreting
7 Technical Writer English Language & Literature 22 Legal Secretary Political Science
8 Technical Editor English Literature 23 Middle School Teacher Elementary Education
9 Managing Editor Journalism 24 Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization Psychology
10 Proposal Writer English Language & Literature 25 Paralegal Political Science
11 Writer English Literature 26 Tutor Mathematics
12 Copywriter English Literature 27 Copy Editor Journalism
13 Editor Journalism 28 Communications Coordinator Communication
14 Web Content Specialist Communication 29 Legal Assistant Political Science
15 Content Writer Journalism 30 English as a Second Language (ESL) Teacher English Language & Literature

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