Economics is the branch of social science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods, services and their management.

Economics as a course make a student gain understanding of the economy and its allied areas. Moreover, economics as a subject also gives students the opportunity to develop the diagnostic skills that almost all employer’s value.

Considering the above point we can state that, the analytical skills of economists is very useful for candidates who are eager for achieving society’s goals. Economics can therefore, be the favorite subject of the student who is interested in wealth, poverty, trade, income and prices, etc.

Course Offered in Economics

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA Economics)
  • Master's in Arts (MA Economics)
  • Doctorate in Economics

Careers in Economics

  1. Financial Analyst
  2. Financial Planner
  3. Financial Researcher
  4. Health Policy Planner
  5. Human Resources Administrator
  6. Insurance Agent/Broker
  7. International Trade Specialist
  8. Investment Banking Analyst
  9. Investment Counselor
  10. Job Analyst
  11. Election Analyst
  12. Labor Relations Specialist
  13. Investment Banker
  14. Probationary Officer

Top Colleges / Universities in India offering Economics

  • Delhi University
  • Utkal University, Orissa
  • St Xavier's College, Kolkata
  • Gauhati University
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Dibrugarh University
  • University of Pune
  • Gokhale University of Politics and Economics
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