IIM Calcutta Financial Aid

An investment in education is an investment in personal growth and hence its return is immeasurable. But we do realize that since this investment is not only in terms of time and energy but also money, it might be difficult for many students to pursue the programs offered by IIM Calcutta without some external aid.

Admission to the Institute does not depend on your financial need. This means that, your application will be processed and your candidature evaluated irrespective of whether you need financial assistance or not.Therefore if you are good enough to get admitted to the program, you do not need to worry about financing your way. There are many ways out.

IIM Calcutta Educational Loans

Various banks provide educational loans on easy terms. Some of the banks that students have been associated with are Allahabad Bank, State Bank of India, Citibank, HDFC, etc. They require a copy of the offer letter from the Institute, an LIC policy to the tune of the loan amount, and a few other documents.

IIM Calcutta List of Scholarships

Scholarship Name Criteria Amount
Bharati Scholarship Result of 1st term and entry point merit list Rs 50,000/-
Nestle Scholarship For Young Business Managers Managerial Values, co-curricular activities, extra curricular activities & academic consistency Rs 100,000/-
Aditya Birla Scholarship Academic excellence & Leadership qualities throughout the tenure. Ist year results and overall performance.
Institute MCM Scholarship Academic Excellence & Parental Income Rs 2000/- per student, per month
 GE Scholarship Ist year results & CAT performance Rs 2,80,000/- per candidate

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