IIT JAM 2017 Exam Pattern

All seven papers of IIT JAM 2017 will be conducted online, i.e. as a Computer Based Test (CBT).

JAM 2017 has seven test papers out of which a candidate can appear for either one or a maximum of two test papers. There is an additional fee for taking the second test paper. Candidates planning to take two test papers must ensure that the tests' dates don't clash.

Each paper will be of 3 hours duration. Each paper carries 100 marks and has 60 questions.

Papers in JAM 2017

 1. Biological Sciences (BL)
 2. Biotechnology (BT)
 3. Chemistry (CY)
 4. Geology (GG)
 5. Mathematics (MA)
 6. Mathematical Statistics (MS)
 7. Physics (PH)

All these seven papers will be fully objective in nature with the following type of questions in three sections, A, B, C:

i) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ): Such questions have four answer choices out of which only one is correct. Section A of every paper would comprise of 30 MCQs carrying 1 or 2 marks each. Wrong answers would receive one-third negative marking.
ii) Multiple Select Questions (MSQ): These are similar to MCQ but they have one or more than one correct answers out of the four given choices. Section B of every paper would comprise of 10 MSQs carrying 2 marks each. You get full marks if you select all the right answers and no wrong answers. There will be no negative marking and no partial marking.
iii) Numerical Answer Type Questions (NAT): The answer to such questions is a real number which has to be entered using the virtual keypad on the monitor. There are no choices for these type of questions. Section C of every paper would have 20 NATs for 1 or 2 marks each. There is no negative marking for this section. You would also get to use a virtual calculator on the screen.

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