CAT 2016 Topper with 100 percentile - Nilanjan Dutta


CAT 2016 Topper - Nilanjan Dutta

It is a dream come true for many and for others it is the pedestal of success. A 100 percentile in CAT is no easy feat. BUT!

Meet, Nilanjan Dutta, who scored a 100 percentile in CAT 2016. He completed his engineering from BESU (IIEST), Shibpur with a BE degree. Post graduation he enrolled himself into Xavier School of Management (XLRI) Jamshedpur and graduated in the year 2014. Currently he works as a Business Consultant with an IT firm in Kolkata.

His first attempt of CAT was back in 2011 where he scored a 99.43 percentile. This attempt of CAT was to get that 100 percentile which he did and with such efficiency.

Let's see what he has to say about his achievement. Firstly, a hearty congratulations! Tell us how it feels to be a CAT topper? Your first thought once you got the result?

Nilanjan: Thank you! I actually was not expecting a 100 percentile. I thought it would be somewhere around 95.5 percentile. But getting a 100 percentile feels terrific and to be one of the toppers of the country is a very good and very proud feeling. What encouraged you to take up MBA after engineering?

Nilanjan: Yes, so Engineering is basically what you take up for graduation. So when I was in my final year of engineering I realised that I am more suited for a career in management. I was always involved in arranging college fests and events, getting sponsorships, etc. Moreover, being a national level debater and being good at problem solving, I believed I can be a good manager so keeping that in mind I decided to go for CAT.

Nilanjan Dutta - CAT 2016 Topper What was your preparation strategy for CAT? Did you take up coaching or was it self-study that did the trick?

Nilanjan: Well for this attempt I did not take up any coaching at all. However in my previous attempt of CAT I had joined coaching classes and gave a lot of mock tests as well; around 56-60 mocks that year. Also, I believe giving a lot of mock tests helps you a lot and it makes you exam ready, helps you think on-the-spot.

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Nilanjan Dutta - CAT 2016 Topper Any hobbies? How did you manage to balance leisure time and studying?

Nilanjan: Other than debating, I am also into acting and have acted in quite a lot of plays and dramas and have joined theatre groups as well. As far as a sport is concerned, I have always been an avid footballer and am into athletics as well. Other than these two, I also play cricket on and off. But my favourite sport is football. With such an amazing score, it would be futile to ask this but how was CAT 2016 for you?

Nilanjan: Well, the question paper was quite difficult to be honest but after analyzing the answer set it was not very difficult to identify the correct answer. Any last minute hacks to crack CAT for future aspirants?

Nilanjan: Well I do have a couple of them to share. Firstly, take your mocks very seriously and think of it as your learning curve and it is not just about the score you get in your mocks, it is also about analyzing mocks which is a very important component of your preparations. Next strategy would be exam strategy on the exam day. For example, this year the CAT paper was very difficult; the levels of questions asked were quite difficult. But what I spotted was that there was a loophole wherein the answers were easy to identify. So I was able to mark the correct answers with not much difficulty. So people need to be wary of the questions asked and the answers given and eventually marking the correct answer. Lastly I think you need to time your exam well and have a predefined strategy in mind as to how you are going to go about answering in the exam. Analyzing mocks and if there is an area which you find difficult then not to attempt questions in that section compared to areas in which you are good at. So strategizing is very important before attempting the exam.

Nilanjan Dutta - CAT 2016 Topper What are your plans now? What is it that you aspire to be in the future?

Nilanjan: I wish to continue in the technology industry as a consultant. I also want to help transform the IT industry as much as possible especially now with the IT industry going digital, and consult firms into ways they can get this technology into their business and expand it and make it larger; that is one aspect. And maybe few years down the line I might consider starting something of my own.

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Nilanjan: I strongly believe that any exam has a luck element to it. Today that I have got a 100 percentile, 90% of it is definitely merit but there was a 10% luck component to it. Maybe somebody didn’t get a 100 percentile but that person probably deserved it more than me so the luck component is always there. There is no use getting disheartened about it. What could have happened is that this year you could have been disadvantaged on the luck front but then it might not happen in subsequent years. So they should make sure they give their best shot and also make sure that all their bases are covered.
Anyone who is taking admission this year itself, since you cannot change your percentile, you should rather stay focused on your GD-PI’s and make sure you crack the best college that is available to you. At the end of the day it is not just about the exam and the score you have got, it is also about what you can achieve in the long run.

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Nilanjan: Well parents were pleasantly surprised of course. Especially with the news articles and newspapers covering my performance, there was a lot of excitement. People were coming and cheering me and sharing things on my timeline.

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